The big question every business needs to answer is who are you? The task of outlining your brand may feel daunting, but it’s a necessary part of any business. Before you can answer the big question, there are a lot of other questions that need answers. Here is a list of the essentials every business needs to ask when defining their brand.

Define Your Brand

 What is Your Mission?

Every business has a purpose, and your mission should clearly define that purpose. It should express what your business stands for, and how that affects the way you do business. Don’t rush creating mission because it will become the foundation for defining your brand. Think of it as the heart of your business; without it your business can’t operate. A good, concise mission should encourage employees and customers to feel motivated.


Defining Your Brand

What are Your Strengths? Weaknesses?

In order to define your brand, you need to be aware of the qualities you find beneficial and the qualities that could use improvement. Your strengths will help highlight the skills you want customers to recall and some weaknesses can become positives in the right context. For example, if you’re a smaller business, the service will be more personal than some of the bigger corporate companies. Be honest when making your list. This SWOT analysis is a great way to evaluate where your business stands.

SWOT Analysis


Define Your Brand


Strengths: List the skills of your business that give you an advantage.


Define Your Brand


Weaknesses: List the qualities that can be considered a drawback to your business.




Opportunities: List any external elements that might benefit your business.


Define Your Brand


Threats: List any external issues that might put your business at a disadvantage.

 Define Your Brand

 What is Your Brand’s Personality?

Just like any person, a brand needs personality to create a more memorable presence. Your brand’s personality can be a number of things including spunky, formal or friendly. This is the voice of your brand and it will help determine how your brand is presented. When crafting your voice, use your mission statement to help figure out how you want customers to feel when interacting with your brandA good personality should not only attract your target audience, but also make your business feel unique.


Defining Your Brand

How Is Your Brand Different?

Audiences are more attracted to a business when they stand out. Rather than focus on how your brand is better than the competition, focus on how it’s different. It’s up to you to find out what makes your brand unique. This is another great opportunity to refer back to your mission statement and SWOT analysis. A brand is like a puzzle. Merge together all the pieces–your goals, personality, and the customer’s needs—to create a beautiful image that is your brand. Still need more guidance? Contact us for more information.



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