3 Juicy Beats from our 6-Year Party

3 Juicy Beats from our 6-Year Party

We recently had some time to reflect on past good times. An event that crossed our minds was our agency’s annual celebration that we had this past March 29th, celebrating our sextennial year in business. A lot has happened for our company since 2013.

Six years of juicy growth is no small feat, so we were thrilled that we made it to a point where we could spend a night of fun with those that supported us along the way. We are overflowing with so much gratitude that we want to break them up into three (3) reasons (not from concentrate) that we are thankful to you (yes you!).

We like Every Bunch

It’s simple for a business to keep things internal all the time, rarely letting things seep out for the public eye, but the Juicers are not the only reason we’ve been around for so long. From key decisionmakers to everyday folks and family, by you communicating with us, whether through a project or by reading our weekly blogs, you give us a reason to strive for quality flavors of fun, bold and forward-thinking design. With that in mind, we did not want to have a stuffy internal employee-only shindig and instead opened the festivities to our sublime neighbors.

Grown in Home

Oh Atlanta, you’re always on our mind.

We’re fortunate that we started our creative journey in the heart of A-Town. Inspiration is just minutes away, whether we charge up with a visit to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights or observe users at Centennial Park. We’re also glad that we got to partner with local businesses and business owners, like Calhoun Sands, Sudu, and the City of Atlanta.

The Future is Ripe

It takes dedication, grit, and a lot of juice to make it this far as a small creative business, but with more than 50 logos designed, 25+ websites launched, and 207+ clients served in our basket, we believe that we’re on the right track. We want to leave this recap with some brief words from our founder and Chief Creative Officer, Octavia Gilmore.

Our thanks go to those who celebrated with us, whether in-person or in spirit with your support.

As always, stay creative!