3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Marketing Firm

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3 Things to Look for When Choosing a Marketing Firm

With so many agency and marketing options available, selecting a marketing firm can be overwhelming. When choosing your marketing agency, you want to find an establishment that holds your fundamental values at the high level of importance that you do. A marketing firm will equip you with the keys to a successful brand, which is built from three essential pillars of success: Knowledge, Connectivity, and Trust. Your agency should make you feel known as an individual, connect deeply with their community, and finally, they should know how to earn your trust consistently.

The foundation of a great business-agency relationship will be at the root of growing quality consumer relationships. In today’s blog, we discuss three things to look for during your selection process of a marketing firm.

A Marketing Firm that Knows You

When a business has taken the time to get to know its consumers outside of their transactional history, it allows for the business to meet the desires of its audience in an authentic manner. By learning about you as a consumer wholly and individually, they can plan and organize marketing campaigns that fit your specific needs. While you may know every minute detail about your industry and consumers, it is equally important that your agency is just as knowledgeable. According to Forbes, your agency should use this knowledge to bring an outside perspective, in the form of strategy, media, creativity, and technology. Look for an agency that is capable of combining, comparing and collaborating, so that you will be provided with marketing materials that harbor an authentic relationship with the actual people of your brand.

A Drive for Connectivity

We touched on the topic of connectivity earlier, that a successful brand knows how to connect with its consumers deeply. Your marketing firm should know that providing a quality customer experience is a great way to maintain a connection with people.  According to American Express: “33% of Americans say they’ll consider switching companies after just a single instance of poor service.” A quality marketing firm understands the importance of a good customer experience and should do their best to keep your business. By establishing the importance of connectivity and by placing consumer experience at the forefront of your marketing campaigns, the agency has the capability to surround your brand with authenticity. By strategizing with your agency, they are better able to provide you with the marketing materials to which your consumers will likely feel connected. 

A Focus on Building Trust

Thorough briefs are a good indication of the quality of communication that you have with your agency, but shared objectives and expectations need to extend past the brief. By having full transparency with one another on a regular basis, you are forming a habit of clear and quality communication that builds a foundation of trust.

Most things in life are about balance. In the case of building a great client-agency relationship, the responsibility to communicate effectively rests on the shoulders of both parties. Like teammates, the client will give the agency all of the necessary materials and information needed to properly execute the project. While it is the responsibility of the agency to communicate any misunderstandings and to find clarity. An agency that has effective communication habits are more likely to provide quality marketing material to help create brand loyalty for your brand.

While these are three simple concepts, they may not always be easy to find. All relationships are complex and require work from both parties to be healthy and effective. Your relationship with your agency shouldn’t be any different. Your marketing agency should take the time to get to know your company while creating a history of consistency and reliability. Whether you are working together on a short-term project or combine forces to work together for years, these three keys are what you should keep in mind as you are searching for the marketing agency that is right for you.