4 Mobile Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Designing a website to work on a mobile device is much different than designing a website to be viewed on a laptop or computer. Before you start navigating the world of mobile design, know the things that you should avoid.


Your Design Isn’t Responsive

Creating a whole new website to be compatible for mobile devices may seem like the right direction, but in reality it’s like creating two websites for your business. Having a website with responsive layout means that it will look good on any size screen. Responsive design makes adjustments like changing the navigation and placing content in a way so it fits on any size. For example, mobile phones have narrower screens so your content will be adjusted so it fit in one column.


Clickable Icons Too Close

When designing for a mobile website, it’s sometimes easy to forget that people will be using their fingers and thumbs to navigate through information. One of the biggest mistakes in mobile design is creating clickable links or icons that are too small or too close together. This can be extremely frustrating for a user who is trying to access information, but accidently clicks on the wrong button because it was too close to the button they wanted to click. Make sure all clickable features are large enough and spaced far enough from each other.

Complicated Forms

Users are looking for quick answers when they search on their mobile phone, and a long form can make a user impatient. Not to mention that forms are hard to fill out on a mobile device. It’s best to keep them as simple as possible. Only include the essential information like a user’s name and email. You can always get further information from them with a follow-up email when they have access to a computer.

Cluttered Images and Text

There is nothing wrong with including a few images because they are great ways to enhance your design. But once again, with a mobile site you’re working with less space. Having too many images will clutter your site and make it hard for users to find what they are looking for. The same goes for text. A 3 to 5 sentence paragraph may look easy to digest on a typical computer screen, but can look like a huge block of text on a phone. Reduce the amount of text used so that information is displayed in sections that are quick to read.

With these mistakes out the way, you’re now one step closer to creating a site that’s compatible with mobile devices.

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