4 Reasons to ring in the new year with a Site Design

4 Reasons to Ring in the New Year with a Site Redesign

The upcoming New Year and surrounding holidays are reason for festivity, happiness, and reminiscence; a time to celebrate the past and future. But wait! Before you pop open the champagne and begin celebrating all the fantastic things in store for 2017, make sure to take care of the business that takes care of you.

While the New Year is certainly a reason for celebrating all of the year’s accomplishments, it is also the perfect opportunity to refresh and revitalize your brand and look. Kick off 2017 strong and take advantage of this yearly milestone to boost business, increase your web presence, and promote your brand.

Your business may have had an online presence for a while, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your website is reaching its full potential. After all, isn’t growth and expanding what it’s all about? If you’ve noticed sales aren’t as great as they could be, your social media pages are a bit lonely, or you just aren’t sure who you should be targeting – there’s good news! A site redesign from Creative Juice is the perfect way to attract customers and start fresh. These are four of the best reasons to redesign your site for 2017.

1. Your Site Isn’t Mobile-Friendly

It’s no surprise that a large majority of the public visits websites from their phones. In fact, this number is only increasing with the advantage of on-the-go shopping, browsing, and fast information. A website should always respond correctly to mobile devices. Graphics and text should display at an appropriate size, page layout should be uniform, and the simple functions of your site should be accessible and working. As mobile devices sales increase, so does the audience that partakes in mobile web surfing. A mobile-friendly site will keep people interested, automatically increase your following, and keep your site current.

2. Your Website Doesn’t Promote Your Social Media Pages

Aside from Google, many individuals gain information about businesses through their social media pages. If your site does not have icons for your social media platforms, you could be missing out on thousands of clicks and followers. Incorporating prominent, visible icons for social media on your homepage, as well as at the footer or header of each other page, will direct people to your most recent posts, photos, and information. A “share” button is also a great advertiser (and you aren’t paying anyone to do it). Allowing blog posts and other content to be shared to social media will increase traffic and audience, all with the click of a button.

3. You Haven’t Updated Your Site with the Latest Technology

Your site may contain all of the necessary information for people to find your store or business, but that doesn’t always mean they will come. If you are selling a product, implementing e-commerce and shopping cart tools will drive sales through the roof! Many people are relying more and more on the ability to shop from home or on-the-go. Assuring that e-commerce tools are simple to find and use will make checking out an easy and pleasing experience, guaranteed to bring back shoppers.

Additionally, consider how long people are waiting to view your pages. Web users expect pages to load within a couple seconds. Ensure your site is loading fast enough with proper hosting and quality graphics. Implement a search bar, navigation for directions to your business, or even a tool to give quotes – your options are endless with the advancing technology of today’s world.

4. Your Content Strategy Hasn’t Been Implemented

Content refers to all of the text on your site, including blogs, news, and any writing on your landing pages or subpages. Through content, links can be shared to increase clicks, users can be kept up-to-date, and search engine optimization (SEO) will increase the ranking of your site as it appears in search engines. Adding a blog or news feature that is continually updated helps traffic increase over time, thus increasing your company’s “popularity” among search results.

Additionally, using favored keywords throughout your content will increase your relevance in search results. The right keywords will target your market audience and promote terminology that is visitor-friendly.

Creative Juice Can Revamp Your Site

Your site may already have all of these up-to-date features, but you may just want a new look for your brand. Creative Juice is Atlanta’s award-winning marketing agency to give your company’s site a fresh squeeze. Whether you’d like to implement new strategies on your site, or just need a little facelift, a new or redesigned website is sure to excite customers and start the New Year off right!

Our Atlanta agency takes pride in the long-term connections we make with clients, our attention to detail, and the amazing results we provide. Contact Creative Juice to learn how our agency can help your business ring in the New Year.