5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business Using Video Marketing

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5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business Using Video Marketing

Short videos are becoming more and more popular and uploads like the 6-second Vine, 15-second Instavid, and Facebook videos are frequently popping up on social media. Creating short videos is easy and can be used as a marketing strategy to promote your company. Here are just a few ways you can use short videos to market your products and services on social media.



How-To Videos

People are always searching for tutorials. A great way to promote a product is by teaching consumers how to use it. A short video works well for this format because it quickly goes through a step-by-step process. The visual aspect makes it easy to follow, and is an element users are likely to share with their friends if they enjoyed it.


Share Your Skills

This is great for companies that deal with the arts or provide services that can’t really be showcased in a how-to video. Sharing your skills in an entertaining way can promote your business. If consumers see you in action, they learn more about the services you provide and their quality.


Post About an Event

Holidays and events are great opportunities to create content to market. For example, you could make a short video of employees wishing consumers a happy holiday. Not only will it help to build a relationship with your followers, but other pages will share it when they’re looking for content to post during the holidays. Big events in your company’s industry are also great videos to post because it will reach a specific audience already interested in similar products.


Unveil a New Product

If you have a new product set to release, a short video is a great way to promote it. This type of video will appeal to people’s curiosity while making them feel special; those who follow your page will feel like they got the first peak of your new product. Don’t have a new product? Use this technique to promote a sale or anything new happening in your company.


Show Your Process

Another way to play on people’s curiosity is by giving them a peak behind the scenes. Show them what a typical workday is like. Create a short clip of a tour of the office or a brainstorm meeting. Show your employees working well together, having fun, or volunteering. A short video like this will make your audience feel more connected to your business. This less direct approach to marketing will be entertaining for users and show your company in a more personable light.


There are many ways you can market with short videos. Just keep in mind to create videos that will work for your business. Create videos that are personal and fun because if you enjoyed making the videos, your audience will probably have fun watching them.


– Stay Creative, The Juicers