5 Mistakes Businesses Make When Creating A Package Design

We’re all told never to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to product packaging, that’s often what happens. For that reason it’s important to make sure your packaging design is flawless. Here are four common packaging design mistakes businesses make that can be detrimental to your product if they aren’t corrected.



Hard to Open

Studies have shown that the level of difficulty it takes to open a product influences a consumer’s decision to buy. It makes sense—especially if it’s a product that customers have to repeatedly buy. No one wants to struggle to open a product they’ve already spent time and money to get. Pay close attention to the ease of opening as you consider packaging designs. It doesn’t hurt to test them out yourself to see which method of packaging is secure yet simple to open.



Complicated Design

Whether you’re competing for space on a shelf or attention online, your packaging needs to be clear and eye-catching. A common mistake is going overboard by picking bright colors and over complicated designs. This is a problem because it can confuse the customer. Your packaging should be clean enough so that the customer can understand what you’re selling, but also interesting enough so that it stands out from the surrounding competition.



Forgetting the Customer

 Your product is for the customer so it’s important that you get their input as you design your packaging. Consider the elements or benefits of your product that you want to feature on the package. Are these things your audience is interested in knowing about? It’s also important to consider what your customers are expecting. If your product is eco-friendly then perhaps your packaging should be too.



Not Following Your Brand

Is your brand recognizable and your logo clearly displayed? This may seem like a simple thing to remember, but you’d be surprised how often this is forgotten. For example, a while back Tropicana Orange Juice decided to redo their packaging, and ended up creating a design that wasn’t recognizable. Their sales dropped by 20% in one month. That’s proof of the overwhelming impact packaging design has on product sales.



You Don’t Make a Final Check

 Before making any concrete decisions it’s important to look over your design one last time, preferably by multiple people. Check to make sure all spelling and punctuation is correct. It’s also a good idea to review this blog post to make sure you haven’t made any of the above mistakes. Taking the extra time to look over your designs before they are printed can save you even more time and money in the future.

 Use these tips as a guide to help create packaging designs for your products. Just remember to stay true to your customers and your brand.


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