5 Questions to Answer Before Hiring a Web Designer

Starting a new website is often a journey fraught with excitement. However, if you’re not prepared or don’t know what to expect; the whole process can get the best of you. This is why there are several questions you must ask yourself –before speaking with a web designer.


What Do You Want Your Website to Do?

Knowing what you want your website to do is like laying your home’s foundation. If you get this part right, there’s a high likelihood that you will have a successful website launch. On the other hand, if you’re unclear about your website’s mission –then everything that comes next may need to be refocused. Check out a few examples of different reasons to have a website:

Lead Generation

Lead generation websites are meant to attract phone calls, sign-ups through email, contact form submissions or etc.

Online Store

An online storefront website is designed solely for the purposes of selling products and services online.

Brochure Website

Even if your business doesn’t do anything online, every now and again you’ll encounter the occasional client that refuses to patronize companies who aren’t online – that’s when your brochure site comes in handy. This website is more informational.

Portfolio Website

A portfolio website is to showcase your skills or talents to prospective clients.


What’s Your Timeline?

Knowing your timeline going into your web design project is another major consideration. When it comes to your timeline, two questions matter.

1. When do you want to start your website project?
2. How long are you willing to wait before having a finished website?

As you ponder these questions, remember to be realistic.

For instance, if you go into your web design meeting and demand a new website next week; then you’re telling your designer to put your project ahead of others. This will undoubtedly result in a hefty premium. Additionally, the time it takes to create a website will depend on what type of website it is. As a result, you want to allot a minimum of 4 weeks time, and work your way up from there, depending on the site’s complexity.


Have You Already Purchased a Domain Name?

Do you know whether your first web domain choice is available? You’d be surprised at how many people get all the way to the approving their website proof, only to find out their favorite website address is unavailable.

But if your first choice is available, it might not be a bad idea to purchase it before someone else gets it. Likewise, be prepared to come up with a “plan b”and “plan c”; just in case your initial domain option has already been taken. Also keep in mind, the name you choose may be attached to a company email. Keeping the domain shorter, and making sure it is not too complicated are easy ways to avoid misspellings.


What’ Your Budget?

If you don’t set some parameters for your website budget, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up overspending or wasting money with a redesign. There are several variables that will impact your budget. The most critical are:


  • Timeline
  • Functionality
  • Level of Customization
  • Maintenance
  • Graphics and Content




Do You Have a Website Inspiration List?

Before talking to a web designer, it’s a good idea to prepare a list of your favorite websites. This is a much better way of communicating your design preferences with your designer than just saying you want a “website that pops”. If you’re able to go a step further by explaining what you like about each website and why; this will give your designer even more clarity.

So many people go into their website project blind. But the good news is this does not have to be you. Answering each of these questions before hiring a designer will not only set you up for success, but will also limit your exposure to surprises and headaches.

Stay tuned for next week’s post as we continue the discussion by highlighting which qualities to seek in a web designer. And as always, if you have questions or have a comment please contact us today.


-Stay Creative!