5 Things Your Website Is Missing

5 Things Your Website Is Missing

Whether you are creating a new site from scratch or revisiting an old one, there are several key elements to make sure you include.

   1. Calls To Action

February_socialmedia-18A call to action button helps tell users what to do next. They can be used to download a file, add a product to their shopping cart, request more information, or anything else you would like. If your site doesn’t have a call to action, it isn’t very interactive. You want to make your site simple and easy to use, and with effective calls to action, you can help the user get exactly what they’re looking for.

2. Newsletter Sign-Up

February_socialmedia-19If you are constantly adding new developments to your business or site, you should consider adding a newsletter to alert users when something is new. Perhaps you also have a blog on your site; with a newsletter you can issue out alerts to those who are interested and make sure they know you have a new post.

3. Social Media Links

February_socialmedia-20Nowadays, everyone wants to connect to brands or businesses that they use. Whether it’s to show peers their preferred brands or to find out company news, users will connect with businesses on multiple platforms, to ensure they don’t miss anything. When you add social media links to your site, you’re making it very simple for users to connect with you on these platforms right on the spot. They shouldn’t have to search for you on their own time. Simply adding icons for your social media links will vastly increase your followers/likes/etc.

4. Mobile Website

February_socialmedia-21You should keep in mind the fact that most people now use the Internet on their mobile phone just as much as on their computer. For this reason, you need a “responsive” version of your website. With a responsive site, besides changing the layout of a site, certain features, such as buttons or other calls to actions, can be enhanced so that they are easier to use on smaller screens, especially on smartphones. The responsive website will engage your users no matter what device they choose to use. You can read more about this here.

5. Testimonials

February_socialmedia-22Once you’ve acquired some customer testimonials, you should add them to your site. After reading real people’s stories and experiences with your brand or product, potential customers will be more likely to move forward with your brand. The key to adding testimonials is quality, not quantity. You should only add the best testimonials; making sure they are well written, error-free, and straight to the point. If a customer gives a great testimonial, but it’s too long, simply quote the parts that you feel sound best.

After adding these features, you will have a much more expansive and engaging website. These items are essential to any business as they help increase sales and brand awareness.

  • How will a user contact you, or take the next step to purchase your products if there is no call to action?
  • How will consumers stay up to date on your business, if you do not send out a newsletter?
  • How will they find you online if you do not list your social media links?
  • How will you ensure they can access information on the go, if you do not have a responsive site?
  • How will they trust you and what you offer, if you do not show case testimonials?

These are things that you need to consider. Years ago, the internet was not so popular, but now you must make sure you are doing the things necessary to keep sales flowing in.

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