5 Tips for Better Engagement With Your Audience

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5 Tips for Better Engagement With Your Audience

When building an online presence, it’s important to consider your engagement with your audience. Good engagement helps to build a more solid foundation for your business, and also creates stronger relationships with your followers. The effort you put into building a relationship with your audience can lead to customer loyalty, better sales for your product, and wider exposure for your business. These five tips can help you gain better engagement with your audience:

Set your goals

Before posting, it’s crucial to have a plan of action. Ask yourself some questions – what do you want your audience to gain from engaging with your posts? How do you plan to utilize that engagement for future posts? How can your online presence reach its full potential? By mapping out and establishing your goals, you have a better sense of direction for improving your business’ online presence.

Ask questions

The best way to get to know your audience is by asking questions. There are multiple ways to get the feedback you need on every social media platform – you can utilize the “ask a question” feature on your Instagram story, the poll feature on Twitter, or even the “reviews” feature on Facebook and Google to name a few. The more involved your audience feels in the process, the better the feedback for your business.

Enhance your headlines

In this case, it matters both what you say and how you say it. Your headlines should be clear, concise, and compelling. Use attention grabbing words to drive traffic to your post. Including an emoji in your headline adds a visual aspect and can increase your engagement on social media as well.

Create valuable content

What types of posts gain the most traffic on your page? Does your audience prefer blog posts or image posts? These statistics are gauged over time and can help you create unique and valuable content specifically for your followers. The content should be of a high quality, whether it’s an eye-catching image or a well-articulated written post.

Be consistent

Now that you’ve developed your social media engagement strategy, it’s important to be consistent with your content. Checking in with your audience often is necessary and helps you stay on top of future content creation. Posting more than once a day will naturally attract followers to your page – but don’t post so often that your audience gets annoyed. The best time to post is usually between 1pm to 3pm, when you can achieve the most engagement. Be consistent with the strategy that is specific to your business. 

These five tips can help you increase your social media following, build a stronger relationship with your audience, and achieve better engagement on all platforms. Measuring your success with analytical tools will keep you on track to optimizing your business’ online presence. What are some of your strategies for building a relationship with your audience? Need help growing your social media following? Contact Us. We would love to help.