5 Tips to Attract New Customers to Your E-Commerce Site

So you’ve decided to create an e-commerce site. OR you already have one, but are looking to gain more traffic. Attracting customers is probably your number one goal, but how do you get results? Here a few things that will give your e-commerce site the elements it needs to attract potential customers and hopefully lead to more purchases.



Take Good Photos

Photos are the most important element of an e-commerce website. They give viewers an idea of how the product looks and feels. As you start taking pictures of your products consider the following things:


Image Quality

It’s important to use high-resolution images that capture details. Great photos give your e-commerce site a professional look. Don’t settle on one image; take many photos from different angles and close ups of details you think your viewers will want to see.



When taking product pictures, the background is also important. Avoid backgrounds with busy patterns that will distract from the product. A safe choice is to always use a white background. Create a photo with interest and character by using props that go along with your product or match the products aesthetic. If you want to convey your products function, consider capturing a photo demonstrating how its is supposed to be used.



Make Shopping Easy

Consumers shop online for one important reason: convenience. Your site needs to be geared to make their shopping experience as easy as possible. This means creating a user friendly website, with easy to search features.


Shopping Cart

The shopping cart is a feature that needs special attention. If you can, it’s a good idea to include an image, product name and price so customers don’t have to return the product page to remember what product is which when they review their items before checking out.


Search Bar

Provide your customers with a search bar so they can easily find products. This saves them time and frustration if they’re trying to find a specific item, and the less frustrated viewer is more likely to make a purchase.



Invest in Good Navigation

Successful e-commerce sites spend a lot of time planning and organizing content so the site is easy to navigate. Good navigation means your products are categorized in a way that makes sense to the viewer. A good idea is to incorporate breadcrumb navigation. You can find this type of navigation in many websites; for example, Gap’s website. Every time you click on a category in Gap like “Men’s Clothing”, the subcategory “Shirts” will appear at the top of the page. This allows potential customers to keep track of how they got to their current location, and navigate back if they need too.



Use a Clean, Simple Design

 Imagine your web design is the interior design of an actual store. When you walk into a store and it’s clean, organized and sleek, you know you’re in a high-end store. Incorporate these design elements into your website to create the same effect. Your website should project the atmosphere that closely represents your products and target audience. A clean and simple design also makes your site appear easier to navigate.


Use these tips to get started and create a successful e-commerce site. Consumers will appreciate the effort you put into the planning and organization of your site.

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