7 Warning Signs That You Need A New Logo

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7 Warning Signs That You Need A New Logo

Often, companies will update their logos, giving their brand a refreshing new edge and making it more relevant. Here are 7 warning signs that it may be time to update your logo:

january_socialmedia-011. It Doesn’t Work Across All Mediums

Maybe you love the logo you have now, but if it doesnt translate across ALL mediums, it isnt successful. Having a logo that translates great in both print and web is ideal. It’s also important that it is just as strong in color as it is in black & white, as sometimes you will be using it with only black ink (ex. faxes or screen-printing). It should also work well should it need to be reversed to white to show on a dark background.

january_socialmedia-022. It Doesn’t Communicate the Correct Look & Feel

You might have a strong mark, but it should communicate your brand effectively. Your logo should match your brand and be something that consumers can easily identify with. If you are a high end boutique, the logo should look high end. If you are a health and wellness spa, you should use calming colors. Thinking about how consumers will perceive your logo is important.

january_socialmedia-033. It Wasn’t Professionally Created

If you had a family member design your logo, but they are not a graphic designer, it might be time for a professional to assist you. Your sister might be great at drawing, but does she specialize in creating polished and professional logo marks? If you want your business to succeed, a professionally created logo is essential. You need to make sure you’re getting the correct file types, so that you will be ready for any sort of logo application.

january_socialmedia-064. There’s Too Much Going On

It’s not a good idea for a logo to include a lot of small details. It doesn’t have to be minimal, but some level of simplicity is usually stronger than clutter when it comes to logos. You need to make sure that your logo won’t lose any detail when it’s scaled down. Remember, it will be viewed at a range of sizes. It can be placed on very large signs, billboards, business cards or even pens. The simpler the logo, the more likely it’ll be recognized at these different sizes.


5. Easily Mistaken For Another Company

The last thing you want is for people to confuse your logo for another. You need to appear unique and one-of-a-kind, not like you’re copying someone else’s idea. When working on the design, make sure you aren’t reminded of an already existing logo. Make sure it is something that was sketched from scratch, uniquely for your business. This is why you do not want to purchase any pre-made logos online, or any $100 logos from websites with “logo contests.”

january_socialmedia-046. It Doesn’t Set You Apart From Competitors

If you are in a very niche market, most likely your competitors use some similar elements in their logos…but this doesn’t mean you have to. In fact, if you see something that your competitors have in common, avoid using it to ensure you’ll look different and stand out. Do your research and know what elements, colors and icons your competitors are already using.

    january_socialmedia-077. It’s Too Cliché

Don’t jump to the first idea that comes to mind, when developing logo ideas. You want your logo to be clever and creative. If it’s too literal then it will appear uncreative and tacky. Try to think outside the box (or find a designer to do this for you) and create a logo that will evoke some type of emotional connection or instant response from your ideal consumer.

Other things to consider:

• How does the name of your company fit with any graphics used in your logo?
• Is the name of your business legible in the logo?
• Currently, are the colors what you want consumers to associate with your business with?
• Does it look too much like clip art?

If any of these signs are true about your logo it may be time for a change.

To find out more about how we can assist you with your logo:

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