Annual Report Design for Ability Housing

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Annual Report Design for Ability Housing


Ability Housing

Project Date:

July 2014

Client Background:

Ability Housing is a nonprofit organization in Northeast Florida. Their mission is to help give housing to families that are at risk of homelessness or to adults with a disability. Every year they put out an annual report to show people the work they have accomplished.

Project Type:

Annual Report Design


Annual report design

Create a design that is visually appealing

Annual report design

Present statistical data in an engaging way

Annual report design

Conveyed passion for helping those in need


A Cover Design That Speaks Hope

Annual report design

We designed the cover to be bold and uplifting. Photos of happy residents and beautiful proprieties are the main focus. The cover evokes a sense of community and represents what Ability Housing stands for. The words Giving Hope a Home in bold type is the next element that draws your attention. The text uses colors from the surrounding images to create a unified look.

Engaging Display of Information

Annual report design

We had a lot of valuable information to work with and wanted to communicate it in a way that would be interesting for readers. Again, keeping with the very bold and visual cover, we created infographics that show the data in a way that isn’t too text heavy. Colors from Ability Housing’s logo were incorporated to keep the organization’s brand present throughout the report. Much of the information relays the sad truth about the high statistics of homelessness and poverty, and the colors used were meant to humanize the material.

Design That Guides the Reader

Annual report design

The design layout was created to lead the readerthroughthe text, graphics and photos. The depth of the information addressed in this report requires these elements to be read at an even pace. Because of the amount of statistics, facts and financial information, everything needed to be organized in a way that made the most sense. Facts are broken up between text and images to make the information easy to process. Design elements help lead the viewer’s eye to the next component.

Annual report design

Ability Housing’s annual report proved to be a challenge in combining statistics with the passionate, community feeling of the organization. Our team at Creative Juice used this opportunity to create something that speaks to those who read it. View more of the project here.
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