Are You Using These 5 Web Design Trends?

Are You Using These 5 Web Design Trends?

Website trends come and go. Sometimes it can be hard to determine which trends are the best for your website. To help you decide, we’ve come up with a list of our favorite web design trends that will add interest to your site and make your website easier to navigate. Here are our top five emerging trends in web design:

1. Large Responsive Images
We are often told that the most important information on a website should be near the top of the webpage so people don’t miss it. However, this idea may be changing with the introduction of elements like large, hero images and background videos. Medium, a well-know publishing website, has brought to light the effectiveness of powerful imagery. Instead of using a standard written call to action to grab users’ attention, Medium uses strong visual images to encourage visitors to scroll down to the content. A hero image is a large banner image and can also be used in the background with content laid on top. However you decide to use visual images, be sure they are responsive so that viewers can enjoy the same experience on devices of all sizes.

2. Background Videos
Background videos are also becoming popular. Like an image, videos give visitors an instant visual impression of your business. They also allow you to save space. A video can explain a product or tell your story in less space than text. Videos can also be useful because they grab visitors’ attention and are easier for people to absorb rather than reading paragraphs of information.

3. Almost Flat Design
Most websites use some aspect of flat design. Recently, however, companies like Shopify have added a little dimension to their flat design to create more depth and visual interest. Almost flat design combines the simple elements of flat design with additional character-building elements to make your website more unique. For example, adding shadows to images to create depth, or giving your design a three-dimensional feel are all ways to create an almost flat design. If you do decide to go with an almost flat design, it’s important to keep the elements consistent and intentional.

4. Hamburger Menus
We’re not talking about restaurant menus. No, hamburger menus first became popular in mobile applications because they saved space from having the list of menu options on the top of the screen. Hamburger menus are the menus with three lines stacked on top of each other that lead to a dropdown with menu options. The hamburger menu, also known as the invisible menu, is making its appearance in web design because it saves screen space. Hamburger menus give your website a clean, minimalistic, and easy-to-navigate aesthetic.

5. Card Design
Ever since Pinterest was created in 2009, card-based web design has been a popular tool to showcase content on a website. The card-based design keeps content organized and give users an interesting experience. This design can be useful to you because it allows you to have multiple pieces on display at one time, allowing the user to pick the content they want to look at further. Many websites like Dribble and Instagram are using card design as a way to display information in an attractive and engaging manner.

Now that you have more knowledge on these emerging trends, use these tools to create an even better website for your small business. If you need more guidance, contact us for assistance.