Make Your Brand Design Stand Out on Social Media

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Make Your Brand Design Stand Out on Social Media

Sometimes it can be hard to properly represent your brand on social media sites; however, there are ways to bring design to your status updates and tweets.

To break away from the traditional Facebook status or tweet, present updates through graphics or images. This gives you the freedom to create posts that look unique. With so much information being displayed on social media sites, anything that stands out will attract more attention. For example, if your business has a new product or event you want to post on social media, don’t simply use text to relay the information. Dress it up by transforming it into a visual, using elements from your brand. Think of these visuals as posters for your Facebook or Twitter, just another way to market your brand. Before creating visuals for your social media accounts, consider these four design tips to make your brand pop.

1. Use a Consistent Color Palette



Just like with your brand, consistency is key to creating effective visuals for social media. Any colors that you use should match those of your brand. Using the same colors will strengthen your brand and create a unified look between your social media accounts and your website. If you’re looking for a new color palette learn what colors work well together.

2. Add Contrast





Having a consistent color is important, but so is contrast. As mentioned earlier, think of these visuals like posters. You want the images and text to pop, making it easy to read at a glance. This is where contrast becomes important. Contrast is about more than putting two different colors together. The perfect contrast is between two colors of different values. When you have colors of the same value they create an effect know as “vibrating,” where the text or image appears to be pulsing. An easy way to determine if your visual has enough contrast is by converting the image into grey scale. If it’s still easy to read, then you have good contrast.

3. Stick With Two Fonts




If you’ve already created your brand, you’ve probably chosen a font or two. Stick to these fonts on social media. Most sites don’t let you change the fonts when you post. This is another great reason to create your own visuals or graphics. Just like color, using the same fonts keeps your brand consistent on any site. Stick to just two fonts to keep the design simple. Chose a heading font that’s bold and something a little more understated for body text, if you don’t already have fonts for your brand.

4. A Grids or Frames to Images




Spacing is important in any design and when it comes to including images, never place them right next to each other. When images are all bunched together it can create a look that is cluttered. A space in between photos creates a grid or frame that separates the images and gives them a more professional appearance. You can create your own grid design or use a photo editing website such as PicMonkey.


It isn’t difficult to incorporate your brand design into your social media posts. Just remember to stay consistent and simple. These types of visuals will gain more attention than a traditional post on social media.

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