Business Card Etiquette

Business Card Etiquette

When you’re networking with potential clients or contacts, handing out your business card is the quintessential way you connect.

However, these potential clients or customers are receiving dozens of other cards; it is important to make sure you stand out from the crowd. Here are some tips to make sure contacts will keep your card front and center:



1. Be Professional

Your business card should look legitimate and trustworthy. Spend the money your business deserves and hire a designer to create the ultimate business card. Your cards should be professionally branded with your company’s logo, corporate colors, and most importantly, your contact information.

Make sure the cards are printed professionally as well. Do not use a “Do-It-Yourself” template and print them at home. You have put a lot of sweat and time into your business and your card should be a reflection of this effort.  Also, remember to spell check (you would be surprised how often this simple task is overlooked).



2. Keep it Straight To the Point

Nobody wants to search around for the information they’re looking for. Keep your design simple and easy to read. Your information should be clear and concise, leaving out anything unnecessary. Stick to the basics and include your name, title, phone number, fax, e-mail address, and website. Make sure this information is accurate and up-to-date.



3. Creative = Memorable

Your business card should summarize the personality of your business. If your design is fun and unique you instantly become more memorable to the person you’re handing your card to. You can also experiment with different sizes. The standard 3.5 x 2 inch card is more traditional, while other sizes and shapes are a little more outside the box.

Even a traditional card can stand out, however, depending on the paperweight and finish used. If you are using a non-traditional shape, you want to make sure the card can still fit in a standard wallet. It is important to remember the ultimate goal of even having a business card – that the potential connection take your card, remember your card, and be able to find your card to contact you. Although you want your business card to make a good impression, remember, don’t get too complicated and over do it.  

Some creative ways to stand out:

    • Different card sizes or shapes
    • Rounded corners
    • Custom Die cut
    • Spot Varnish/UV
    • Gold or Silver Foil
    • Embossing
    • Letterpress



4. Ensure Quality

If you hand someone a card as thick as a sheet of flimsy printer paper, his or her first impression of you and your business will also be flimsy. You want to choose a paper with more weight; something thick that feels nice when held. If you use a heavier card stock, your card is less likely to get folded or ripped.



5. List an Active Website

If your website is not listed on your business card, you have made it much harder for someone to find out more information about you. You might have your e-mail or phone number listed, but that means the contact has to go out of their way to contact you and find out more information, rather than scanning your site. However, only place a link to your website if it is active. You will lose credibility if the potential client tries to visit your website and it is not up.



6. Be Selective

There are other considerations to keep in mind when handing out your card. DO NOT hand your card out to anyone and everyone you meet or to random strangers. This is a sure way for someone to place your card in the trash. It is important that you ensure the person is a potential customer or client. You should always attempt to make a connection with the person first and then hand them your card for a follow-up.



7. Carry Enough

Always have at least 10 business cards on you at all times, and when attending any networking events, make sure you have enough business cards to hand out every person you meet. The worst feeling in the world is when you actually make a valuable connection with someone and you do not have a card to hand to him or her. Some networkers use business cards as a way to jot down notes so that they can remember who you are. If you do not hand out your card, it is becomes that much harder for your potential connection to remember to contact you in the future.


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– Stay Creative