Can Publishing an eBook Promote Your Business?

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Can Publishing an eBook Promote Your Business?

Many businesses are finding that publishing an eBook is a useful tactic to attract your audience. You may be wondering if putting the time into creating one will really help your business, but it can. In this post we’ll talk about how a eBook can be useful and a few tips on how to create one.



Why You Should Create an eBook

It might seem counterintuitive to provide your audience with free information and resources, but think of an ebook as a blog post viewers can take with them. When you provide your audience with a free resource they learn your knowledge and get a taste for your service or product. You can create a book on a topic that closely relates to your business. This shows your audience that you are knowledgeable in your industry, giving you a more reputable and memorable presence.

But publishing an eBook doesn’t just benefit your audience. Depending on how you offer the eBook, which we’ll talk about later, you can get information from them to help build your demographic knowledge or you might even get the valuable viewer’s email, putting you one step closer to converting them into leads.



Tips for Creating One

Now that you know all the many benefits of publishing an eBook, it’s time to figure out what makes an eBook attractive to your audience. The first thing you need to do is pick a topic and design.


Pick a Topic

One of the most important points to decide is what you’re going to talk about in your eBook. Unlike a regular blog post, the topic you pick needs to be substantial enough to write a lot about. Instead of focusing on a specific thing, broaden your topic a little more.

You also have to consider if your topic is something your audience will be interested in. Will it provide your audience with valuable information? Content is really important because it’s going to be the element that keeps users reading.


 Pick a Design

Design is also important; you may have the best content in the world, but if it doesn’t look eye-catching it most likely won’t get read. It’s a good idea to stick to your brand guidelines as you design your logo. Keep the same colors and fonts. That way, whoever reads your eBook knows it came from you.

Design is also about how to structure the content. It’s not important that long paragraphs are broken up into shorter ones so that the content is easier to read. Format content in different ways to set it part and make the important parts stand out.



Marketing Your eBook

 Once you have an eBook it’s not going to create the results you want without a good marketing plan. The important thing is to not give your eBook away without asking something of your audience first. Make sure you tell your audience about your new resource for them by creating a blog post about it and sharing the information on your social media accounts.


 Email Opt-in

Your eBook may be free, but that doesn’t mean you can’t gain information from your audience. Instead of putting your eBook on your website for all to access ask your viewers to provide some information like an email address before they can download the eBook. People are more likely to fill out forms if you provide them with a large free resource like an eBook. Just make sure that what you’re providing is worth their time and provide the information you say it does.



Once you have their email address, you can subscribe them to your newsletter giving them more information and resources. Just make sure that whatever resource you give them has a call-to-action. This ensures that they have a next step, whether that means buying your product to help solve their problems or leading them to another free resource for more information.  A call-to-action ensures that your audience continues to learn more about your business, hopefully leading them to become a customer.


An eBook is a valuable tool to bring viewers to your website and to learn more about your business. Just remember to focus on the design and topic to create a resource that your audience will desire.