Can You Over Design a Website?

As you start the process of creating a website, with the help of a designer or on your own, you may be wondering if there is such as thing as too much design. Similar to the phrase, “too much of a good thing can be bad,” even a well designed website can lose attraction when too many elements are added. Read on to learn about common mistakes that lead to a website’s over design.


Obsessed with Visuals

Often we focus on creating a site that includes lots of beautiful photographs and graphics, hoping this will add up to a good design. While including visuals and bold colors are useful in attracting visitors, too much can distract from your website’s purpose. You don’t want visitors assailed with images as soon as they click on your page.

A well designed website is simple while highlighting major points to grab user’s attention. Every part of your design doesn’t need to pop. A good design has understated elements the user may hardly notice, but without them the design feels incomplete. For example, in Paper by Fifty-Three the photos take center stage while the icons and text are kept simple, providing additional information for those who want it.


Little Focus on Function

With so much emphasis placed on design, function becomes an afterthought, only to be considered once the design is perfected. This can be a huge factor in causing a site to be over designed. Details about how the website will function should also be apart of the process, so both elements work together.

Function is just as important as design in that both elements need to be balanced when creating a website. Viewer’s appreciate when a website is easy to navigate and they can quickly find the information they want. There’s often a correlation between good function and simple design; if your website’s usability is on your mind, you’re less likely to over design.


Make the Site Look Full

The need to fill every space with content. Unfortunately, it’s a common mistake. We want the site to look full of information, but adding too many design elements can give the website a cluttered, unprofessional look. Viewers will have difficulty figuring out where to go next or what details they should focus on.

When it comes to adding visual elements quality trumps quantity. All visuals should have a purpose, whether to reinforce your brand or to provide information. Stick with one or two stunning images that complement your site and convey more than just a pretty picture.

Balance is key to create a website that isn’t over designed. It’s about making sure the function is equal to the design and remembering every element doesn’t need to demand the viewer’s attention. Avoid over designing by creating a subtle design that doesn’t distract from the website’s purpose.

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-Stay Creative