Can’t Hire a Designer? Use Stock Layouts!

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Can’t Hire a Designer? Use Stock Layouts!

When starting a business, you may not have the funds to hire a professional designer to create the materials you need to market your business. Not to worry! There are many great sites you can explore which offer professional, pre-made templates you can purchase and customize to meet your needs.

Follow these steps to get started!


1. Search

The first step is to browse through a vast library to select an appropriate template. There are 3 great sites that we recommend you use to search for the items you need:


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Create eye-catching marketing materials quickly and affordably with fully customizable layouts



Photoshop, Design Templates, Textures, Vectors, Add-ons, Isolated Objects and Icons



Handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world


Once you decide on a site, based on what each one offers, you can begin to search through their library. Narrow your results by searching by product or within your industry. When you find a template you like, be sure to purchase the correct file type you need. If you have professional software, these sites offer Adobe Illustrator, Indesign or Photoshop templates. If not, you can purchase a template for any MS Office software such as Powerpoint or Word.




2. Edit

The best part about these files are that they are completely customizable. Adding photos, text, and your corporate colors into your work is very simple. The template provides a sample layout. Feel free to change things around and make them your own.

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Use a stock photography site and purchase high resolution photos to replace the photos included in the template. Never take photos from Google, or another company’s website because they may be copyrighted images. Only use these photos if you have permission.


Templates include carefully selected color schemes for each design. However, it is best to incorporate your brand colors to make the design your own.


Headlines, subheads, and placeholder text will give you a general idea of the information you can include. Your next step is to replace existing text with your own content. Hire a copywriter if you are not able to write the content yourself.


The files you purchase are set up to meet pre-press standards already. Send them out to a professional printer or print at home.


You don’t always need a professional to produce professional results. Take advantage of customizable layouts to help your business grow until you can hire a designer of your own.

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