Case Study: Why the UI Design of Paper by 53 Works

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Case Study: Why the UI Design of Paper by 53 Works

Now that we’ve gone over all the fundamentals of UI Design, it’s time to see what happens when all the elements come together. A website with good UI design needs to have seamless navigation and an intuitive interface.
Paper by Fifty-Three is an iPad application for artists. Designed with the artist in mind their website has a user interface that works and we’re here to tell you why.

Long Scrolling

1. Long Scrolling Website that Directs Users

Fifty-Three’s website has multiple pages that feature long scrolling. This saves users from having to navigate through tabs of information; everything the user wants to know is right on the page. Scrolling down creates an intuitive flow and requires less effort than clicking through pages.

Besides organizing the content, this format allows users to be guided through the information. Instead of getting frustrated trying to find what they want, they can easily scroll down, obtaining all the information without feeling overwhelmed.

53 Works_1

2. Visual Language That is Understandable

This website uses more than just text to explain their products features. Images dominate by illustrating functions, communicating ideas, and creating visual appeal. Many of the images represent functions that can be explained better without the use of text.

Just like the design is simple, the graphic images are simple enough to be quickly understood by users. Colors are kept to a minimum. The website also uses high quality photographs. All the images come together to add to the UI design and keep users pleased.


3.Surprising Navigation that Keeps Users Interested

Fifty-Three has not only created easy to understand images, but also combined navigation to further explain their product’s features. Along with the iPad app they’ve created a stylus. To explain its parts and how it functions, they’ve used an image of the Pencil that breaks into parts as the user scrolls down the page. This breaks up the content in a unique way, making users want to continue scrolling to see what’s next. Other navigation includes clicking through pictures, which keeps the viewer actively participating as they take in information.

Fifty-Three’s clean design is simple enough to go unnoticed by the user; a good sign in user interface design. With their unique navigation, they know how to showcase their products and keep users engaged.

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