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How to Captivate Your Digital Audience: Stellar Web Traffic Tools

So you’ve got a stellar website. That’s a great first step! A stunning website is your client’s first impression of who you are. You may be wondering, “How can I improve my website and attract more visitors?” Using a web traffic analysis tool is a popular...

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The Meaning of Colors in Logo Branding: Color Psychology Marketing

Gazing out over the calm blue waters of your favorite lake… Beholding the beauty of a brilliant sunset, bursting with color… Looking deep into your loved one’s eyes… Color is a foundational part of life. So much can be communicated with a simple color scheme. Emotions. Memories. Smells,...

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Why you should make mood boards for your brand

Why You Should Make Mood Boards For Your Brand

When you’re developing your brand, you may have a medley of ideas and visions for what you want it to look like. Maybe you’re totally stumped at how to narrow them down — you know there should be a strategy behind your brand’s look and...