Cinco Breweries that are Killin’ It with Package Design

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Cinco Breweries that are Killin’ It with Package Design

Packaging is something we don’t always notice, but we see on a daily basis. A great eye-catching design has been shown to influence consumer buying decisions. Sometimes packaging is just as important as the product itself. In a world full of products, it is important that your packaging is memorable and stands out from the crowd.

We’ve compiled a list our favorite beer packaging designs. Check them out:


Creature Comforts Creature Comforts2

Creature Comforts

The Tropicalia IPA was hands-down the hottest (or coldest) beer of last summer. The local brewery sold more of their new formula than could be stocked on shelves, causing a permanent extension of the limited-time ale. The six-pack orange and blue label, a classic among their hand-drawn Cosmic Debris, Athena, and Koko Buni labels, were designed by down-the-street Athens web agency, Young Athenians. Following a chic coherency through curly-q Creature Comforts font, consistent label hierarchy, and color schemes inspired by flavor, the cans look classy and fun, but affordable. Upon closer inspection, each packaging design contains minute details relevant to the flavor branding—the Tropicalia is ocean-themed with palm trees, Miami Vice-esque fading, and a beach babe floating on her back in the frosty can’s blue label.





Bud Light

This big brand beer has rejuvenated their craft feel with a new adult label. The new can is true blue, featuring the brand’s crest that hasn’t been used since the 80s when it was red and white. Possibly imitating Miller Lite and PBR, Miller’s sales bumped up 18% after they adopted their retro can says a Bloomberg report.




This South Carolina brewery has a way with words, and a fondness for folk art. Shane’s Big Dipa is a double IPA blue can covered in stars; Lemon Coconut Weisse Weisse Baby is a lemon-flavored play on a German-style Berliner Weisse, decorated with a shade-equipped lemon character and a bright yellow backdrop. Across the colorful cans, Westbrook’s logo stands out across the center grip of the can, a divider between the colorful chaos of the pleasantly fun cans.




Wild Heaven

Founders of the Emergency Drinking Beer and the White Blackbird Saison, this Avondale Estates brewery markets through novelty. The 12-ounce amber can stamped with cautionary black lettering looks like a joke, requiring a second glance to figure out the intent of the caution. Turns out, you don’t have to drink it in case of emergencies. The White Blackbird Saison is a decadent can, featuring clever use of negative space and witty wordplay. The cage of the bird is itself black, but the bird is white. The inverted doodle and handwritten ingredients are fixating, differentiating the can from bland type, and smooth graphics present on most other cans. Graphics like these are what make craft beers an intimate and attention-grabbing segment.





Inspired by Greek mythology, Atlanta’s Orpheus brewery works to keep their brand consistent across packaging. Each can shares a similar graphic hierarchy, ornamented with a scroll across the bottom denoting the sophisticated title of each can. Each can varies by color and illustration, bearing assemblages similar to tattoo culture, from bears to cherry blossoms to eagles.

In the craft beer category, packaging is an important differentiator against the larger brands (Bud Light, for example). The growing popularity of craft beer exposes a consumer preference for detail. Marketers measure the attention paid to a label in terms of “fixation duration” and label design makes a significant difference on the impact of this metric.

Whether it’s the beverage sector or something completely different, contact Creative Juice for a consultation on your packaging design. Happy Cinco de Mayo!