Content is King: Why Using Dummy Text Can Cause Problems

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Content is King: Why Using Dummy Text Can Cause Problems

Often referred to as a designer’s best friend, lorem ipsum, or dummy text, may be doing more harm than good. Avoid this quick route to create a design that is visually and functionally appealing.

Why Content Is king

Why Dummy Text Doesn’t Work

There are many reasons why designers use dummy text–to quickly see what a design will look like or because the content isn’t available yet. Either way, designers who use dummy text can face future problems with this quick fix. Here are a few reasons to avoid using dummy text:

Content is King

Content is Number One

When viewers come to your site the first thing they want to see is good content. Like a good book cover, design is supposed to complement the information inside. When you substitute real information with dummy text, you’re putting the design first. Viewers want more than just a good design.

Content is King

Design Doesn’t Function Once Real Content is Added

While this route may be a fast way to good-looking design, it can create an impracticable interface that doesn’t function well for the user. To get the best idea of how something is going to look, you need to use real content. Putting in real content will not only give you the best idea on appearance, but also give an idea of how the design will function. For example, if you’re designing a function that requires user input, you will go through the steps like a user would to see if it’s too long.

Content is King

You May Forget To Change It

There is always the possibility you don’t change all the places you added dummy text. If dummy text isn’t replaced, it can confuse and frustrate users. It will also show your lack of care for content and give your design and unprofessional feel. Avoid any mistakes the first time by inserting real text. It may take extra effort, but will be time well spent.

By putting content first, viewers will appreciate your efforts and be more likely to return to your site. Your design will benefit as well because it won’t be based on unrealistic text. Both pieces, design and content, will come together to create a site that is easy to navigate and enjoy.

A designer’s best friend is never short cuts and dummy text. Content is king. Focus on what’s important to your audience and create attractive designs that showcase great information.

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