The Benefits of Content Marketing for Small Businesses

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The Benefits of Content Marketing for Small Businesses


Almost every small business is looking to grow and spread their name out to a wide audience. In the past, businesses did this through advertisement, but in today’s world where consumers have the option to skip through commercials and delete emails, traditional marketing doesn’t create the interest customers are looking for.

Audiences are now looking for content that does more than self-promote; they’re looking for content that entertains, educates, and serves a greater purpose. In a previous post we mentioned the many ways you can produce content online and a few of its benefits. Here are a few more reasons why small businesses should consider creating a content marketing strategy.


Build a Reputation

Your audience probably spends a lot of time online, so it’s likely that your first point of contact with a potential customer won’t be face to face. Producing relevant content will show consumers that you know what you’re talking about, in other words, it will speak for you when you’re not around. For example, when companies produce content that teaches a skill or educates the reader, consumers get a feel for how informed they are in the industry. Instead of an advertisement that tells consumers you’re good, quality content will prove you are what you say.


Gain More Followers on Social Media

It’s important for small businesses to gain connections with their audience and one of the best ways to achieve this is through using social media. In advertisements there is little to no interaction with the audience. Users are quick to ignore and even unfollow businesses that overtly advertise and don’t share engaging content. Producing content that is both interesting and visually appealing will make users want to read and share your posts with their friends. If a piece of content shares a message, followers might even share their thoughts on your product/service, giving you the perfect opportunity to respond and create a connection. Zappos, an online company that sell shoes and clothes, does a great job of connecting with followers. They often post Facebook videos and images on how they wear various shoes, leaving it open for followers to share their own style in the comments.


Consumers Prefer Custom Content

According to Mashable, 61% of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that delivers custom content. Consumers have busy lives and you’re competing for their attention against many large and small businesses. In order to keep them interested, your content marketing should have meaning. Consumers are attracted to content that is personal and something they can relate to. Content marketing gives you the space to build a character for your brand on a personal level that traditional marketing can’t.

Before you start considering ways to spread the word about your small business, try content marketing. Unlike traditional advertising, a content marketing strategy allows you to build a personal relationship with consumers while keeping them interested in more.

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-Stay Creative, The Juicers