How to Create a Killer Presentation

How to Create a Killer Presentation

You might be a great public speaker, but if your presentation doesn’t live up to the content you are presenting – you won’t captivate your audience.

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When you are giving a business presentation, you want to make a lasting impression. This will not happen if your design is sloppy, unprofessional, or distracting.

Here are some tips on how to create a killer presentation that will impress your audience and help them visualize what you are trying to say.

march_socialmedia-101. Stick to the Point.

Sift through you content you are presenting. If there is too much, you may need to cut it down to the bare basics and save the rest for when you are speaking. You don’t want to overwhelm your audience with massive amounts of text on each slide. Keep it condensed by using an outlined layout with bullet points, instead of paragraphs. Only include key items on the slide that the audience should write down as they are taking notes. Avoid writing an entire paragraph, as it is too overwhelming.

march_socialmedia-112. Organize the Content

Like an essay or research paper, presentations should be organized in a strategic manner. You can use a table of contents or menu to show what the presentation will cover. Your presentation should stick to one main idea, with multiple points to support it.  Be sure to include one topic at a time on each slide. It will become too confusing if you address multiple issues on the same page. When you reach a new topic, create a new slide.

march_socialmedia-123. Create A Template

Your template should include different types of slides – to accommodate the different kinds of content you might be including. You will need a slide for your title page, text and images, bulleted content slides, various charts or timelines, or even custom graphics – suited for your specific brand. Each slide should follow the same design template, with set colors, fonts, and margins. You want the look to be cohesive and consistent.

march_socialmedia-134. Follow the Brand

Make sure your presentations reflect the personality of your brand. If your company uses a specific color palette or typeface, be sure to use them! Like all of your other branding collateral, your presentation templates should look like they go together. You can also include your logo on the title page or even at the bottom of each slide. If you are presenting to potential clients or investors, you want them to remember what company was giving the presentation.

Mmarch_socialmedia-145. Use Visual Aids

In order to really captivate your audience, you will need to give them some visual aids to help support the content you are presenting. If you are speaking about finances or statistics, charts and graphs will help them visualize the data you are presenting. Also, basic photographs can help give their eyes a place to rest on a slide with lots of text.  Icons can also help add imagery to a slide. You want to keep the audience engaged, and interested. You can do this by having a lot of visuals.



Presentations are typically used if you are looking to impress clients, make sales, win investment or even spread ideas. It is important that you take the time needed to make sure the presentation is clear and gets the point across. Presentations can be fun and eccentric or simply straight to the point. Regardless, you want to make a lasting impression on your audience.

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