How to Create an Engaging Newsletter

How to Create an Engaging Newsletter

Newsletters are a type of email marketing that send bits of information on a similar topic directly to the subscriber’s email every month. Subscribers often get multiple newsletters from different companies, so your newsletter has to grab their attention away from the rest.



Figure Out a Goal and Topic

The first thing to consider before you start writing is what you want your newsletter to accomplish. How is it going to fit into your marketing strategy? Do you want the newsletter to drive more leads, build more contacts, or increase traffic to your website? To keep things simple, start off with one or two goals; this will help you decide on a topic and the relevant content to reach them.

Once you have your newsletter’s purpose, decide on a topic. Your topic should be related to the products and services you offer. It should be specific to the types of customers that match your company’s demographic, but also broad enough to cover multiple ideas every month.


Create a Template Design

The look of your newsletter is one of the most important aspects to consider. A well-designed newsletter will make your business feel more credible and appealing to subscribers. This stage is also important to plan out how much space you have for content.

Create a template that is simple with consistent colors and elements. You don’t want the design to distract from the content; rather it should enhance it so everything is easy to read. You can design your own template, use a pre-made one, or get help from a designer.


Find Content

While it’s common for newsletters to be sent out once a month, it is up to you to decide how often you’re going to send out your newsletter. Once you have that figured out, you need to start finding content. There are two ways to look for content: actively or passively. Active searching means you’re looking for content specifically for the newsletter while passive searching means you stumble across content that will fit. A great way to find content is by searching relevant news, or your company’s blog and website.

Write an Eye-Catching Subject Line

The first feature subscribers will see is the subject, and it’s usually what prompts them to click open the newsletter. To that end it’s important that it makes subscribers want to read more. Avoid using a generic subject line like “January Newsletter” because it doesn’t give readers an idea of what’s inside. Another frequent mistake is making the subject too long. Like titles, subject lines should be concise and catchy. They can range from the humorous, to an interesting list, or ask a question.

Make it Personal

An effective newsletter should feel personal, so you can build a relationship with subscribers. Writing in a professional tone and using industry jargon may alienate them. A casual, engaging tone is sure to make you friends. Another method to personalize your newsletter is to create small variations to send out to different subscribers. A simple way to do this is by creating a different call to action for consumers and potential leads.

Before you start sending out content to a list of email contacts, the most important thing to do is plan ahead. These five steps will help you create a newsletter that consumers want to read.

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