How to Create an Inspiring ‘About Us’ Page

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How to Create an Inspiring ‘About Us’ Page

For many businesses the ‘About Us’ page is the most visited page on a website. Users look to this page to get a feel for a company’s philosophy. This space is the perfect opportunity to attract users by sharing information and expressing your personality.

Write Out Your Mission


Let users know what your business is all about by sharing your goals and values. This is also the perfect opportunity to show users what sets you apart from the rest. Every business has something unique about them, so use this space to highlight what’s different about you.

Remember that this information should still target users. Your philosophy doesn’t have to be long, in fact, the shorter the better. Let users get to know your business, but don’t bore them with too many details.

To keep the information interesting and unique, break away from just writing it in a paragraph. Instead, display your mission through an infographic or video. Not only will a graphic or video be more visually appealing, but users also tend to grasp your message easier than just plain old text.

Mark Your Milestones and Achievements


When a user lands on your ‘About Us” page, they’re looking to see if they should take your business seriously. Don’t be afraid to brag a little. Tell users how and where you started out. Mark your successes up until now. This shows that you’re continuously looking to improve and grow. Include any organizations or groups that you’re a part to show that you stay up to date in your industry.

Just like your goals and mission, get creative with how you display this information. Create a timeline marking your biggest accomplishments or make a video telling the story of how your business started. However you decide to display your message, keep it concise and appealing to your target audience. 

Include Team Profiles

Viewers want to see that there are real people behind your mission and backing up your values. Including team profiles is a great way to achieve this. Your biographies don’t have formal, but they should reflect the personality of your company and team members. A casual profile that includes the team members’ hobbies or favorite foods gives your brand a more relatable feeling. Linking to online portfolios, personal blogs, Linkedin or other social media sites give your team credibility and shows that they are passionate about what they do. 

The biography is only half of the team profile. It’s always good to include an image of each team member. Depending on your business you can be as creative with the photos as you want. Another way to show the atmosphere in the office is to include a team photo. This shows that the team gets along and they have fun working.

As you consider how to fill the space in your ‘About Us’ page, remember to be creative. Showcase the character of your business and present the information a different way.

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