Cultivating an Authentic Connection with Your Audience

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Cultivating an Authentic Connection with Your Audience

“Authenticity” is becoming more and more of a buzzword in the marketing community these days. Consumers want to feel like they have a voice that will be listened to and they are asking for a human touch. The best way to humanize your brand is to form authentic connections. Today, we’re discussing how you can make that connection so that you can create a more successful brand.

Target Your Audience

Getting to know your audience is a very important step to creating an authentic connection. I mean, how can you connect with someone you don’t understand? The rise of social media marketing has created a laid back environment to allow you the opportunity to find a true understanding of your consumer base; which will ultimately help you strategize your campaigns and arm you with the tools to find your target audience. According to Hootsuite, a great way to find who your target audience is to “identify and understand your particular niche so you can dominate it. By honing in on your niche, you are better able to associate yourself with a specific action, interest, or intention. This allows those who share that interest a better chance at following your brand. You may also start compiling your consumer data and begin considering your consumers, age, location, and language. This will allow you to build out a marketing strategy that will feel completely customized to the viewer. By doing this, you are providing them with their wants and needs while also gaining an idea for how reactive they are to specific content.

Loosen Up (Your Marketing Language)

While it is incredibly important to maintain professionalism, too much corporate jargon can create a barrier between you and your audience. As Millenials and Gen Z’s are growing into the consumer population, they tend to enjoy and take on a more laid-back but direct approach to communication; especially with social media marketing. People are beginning to simplify their language and speak similarly to how they text. Your marketing style should take on a form of communication that is relevant to your audience. Too much rigidity and formality can cause distance between you and your audience. By humanizing yourself with your consumers, you are creating a sense of transparency and authenticity that builds towards brand loyalty.

Keep it Real

There is only one version of you that will ever exist in this universe, so why not play on that? The plain truth is that there is no secret tip or specific how-to-method that guarantees your success. There are plenty of other people reading the same blogs, taking the same advice, and practicing the same techniques. The only difference is the personality that you bring to the table. That is your opportunity to stand apart from the crowd. Tailor your content to design a unique experience that creates an intimate relationship with your audience.

A new age of advertising is here. Gone are the days of big, flashy, weightless advertising. People prefer to have an authentic connection with a brand. We believe that gaining an understanding of your target audience, humanizing your brand, and being true to yourself are vital parts to creating that connection. Here at Creative Juice, we understand that simple solutions may not always be easy to execute yourself. Contact us. We are always happy to help.