Digital Spring Cleaning: How to Refresh Your Online Presence This Month

The weather has warmed, trees have blossomed with new life, and a layer of pollen has coated pretty much every surface you can find. All of this can only mean one thing — spring is here! With the turning of the season comes a sense of renewal, and you’ve probably heard of people taking this time to refresh their homes as well. So why not do it for your online presence, too? Spring cleaning is a practice that has been around for hundreds of years. It offers an opportunity to say “out with the old and in with the new,” to reflect on how you’ve grown in the past year and what your goals are for the coming one. This month, take this ritual a step further and extend your spring cleaning to your online presence. 

Get rid of ghost followers

Get rid of ghost followers

It can be exciting to see your follower count growing. But how do you know if this number reflects quality followers? And what is a quality follower, anyway? 

Sprout Social considers an engaged follower someone who “makes purchases, visits your landing pages, and advocates for your brands with friends and followers.” These followers actively engage with the content you put out.

On the most basic level, this can mean liking or commenting on your posts. A step further could mean sharing your posts with their friends or reposting your content on their stories. And finally, a high-quality follower would follow through with your calls to action. Depending on your brand’s goal, this might look like visiting your blog, signing up for a service you offer, or buying your product.

As you can see, there are different levels to how a quality follower might engage with your content. On the other hand, a ghost follower is easy to spot — this is a follower who doesn’t engage with your content at all. They don’t like your posts or even view them. They probably have little to no idea what your company is about. These followers might be automated “bot” accounts or accounts that follow thousands of people in order to receive a follow back. 

The problem with having ghost followers is that, even if they’re increasing your total number of followers, they won’t help you achieve your actual mission. They aren’t seeing your posts or following through on your calls to action. Aside from being a +1 on your follower count, these accounts offer no tangible benefit for your brand. Although focusing on your follower count can seem like the priority when managing your Instagram, it’s important to realize that a smaller follower count with mostly active followers is better for your brand than a high follower count with few people who actually engage with your content.

Depending on the size of your following, you could weed out these ghost followers by hand, but there are also programs that can analyze your followers and tell you who is engaging the least with your content.

Apps like Reports for Followers will give you a list of your followers who have never commented or liked any of your posts, or who have only done it once or twice. From there, you can choose to remove them from your list of followers, and boost your engagement rate in the process.

While keeping all of this in mind, it’s important to remember not to become a ghost follower yourself! Engaging with others’ content will help you build relationships with other brands and followers. People like to see that you are paying attention to their content as well, and responding or liking their comments lets your followers know that there is a person behind the social media channel. Even if people are only engaging with your brand in a digital format, they still want to feel like their voices are being heard. 

This tip doesn’t just apply to social media. If you have a newsletter, people who are signed up to receive your emails but don’t actually open them might even be costing you money. Some newsletter platforms will charge you depending on how many people receive it. Luckily, platforms such as Mailchimp offer analytics so you can see if anyone in the email list isn’t opening your emails. Removing those emails from your list won’t only save you money, but it will also ensure your content is going out to those who are truly interested in it. 


Update your website

Another important part of your digital spring cleaning is updating your website. If you’re selling a product or service, your website needs to have the most relevant information in order to effectively connect with current and prospective clients.

One of the ways you can make sure your website is up-to-date is ensuring all of the listed products or services are still accurate and reflect the appropriate costs.

If you have a team page on your website, double-check that everyone, especially new hires, are listed, and remove anyone who might have left your team recently. 

Finally, you can update the SEO on your pages and blogs. Why? Trends change just like seasons do; what may have been a popular search when you first made your page might not be performing as well now. Use tools such as Google Analytics to research what keywords are doing best now, and update your pages to reflect that. This will allow you to repurpose the content you’ve already put out into the world and boost your site’s traffic. Remember – it’s not enough to just create great content; you have to take the steps to make sure people can see it as well.

clean up your social media posts

Clean up your social media posts

A final step in digitally spring cleaning this month is refreshing your social media profiles.

The first thing you can do is look at your Instagram bio. Is it sending the right message? You want your bio to tell your potential client who you are and what you can offer. Spend some time thinking about how you can get your message across more creatively. You should also consider adding a link to your bio if you don’t already have one. This will give people easy access to your website.

Next, take a look at your highlights. You want to have clear and relevant highlights that show people exactly what your profile and brand is about. Make sure all of your highlights are up-to-date and organized properly to maximize your followers’ experience with your page. Don’t have any highlights? Now is a good time to think about ways to use this feature to boost your profile. You can post examples of your work, snaps of your team or repost content you find inspiring in a way that’s a little more casual than posting to your grid. 

Once your highlights are updated, you can scroll through your Instagram feed and delete any posts that are no longer relevant or reflective of your brand. But Instagram isn’t the only platform you should be refreshing. 

You can repeat this process for every social media channel you’re active on, and update any platforms that you may have forgotten about. Make sure your links and bios are active and consistent across all of the social media accounts your brand has in order to maximize your reach. Keep in mind that each social media channel has different features that you can take advantage of, and update and post accordingly.

On Facebook, update your seasonal hours if you have them and add any upcoming events — virtual or in-person — to your page’s calendar. On LinkedIn, take down any job posts that you’re no longer looking to fill, and check to see that your employee page is updated. And don’t forget about those stories! Twitter’s Fleets, Instagram and Facebook stories, and even LinkedIn’s stories give your brand the opportunity and flexibility to give people an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at your day-to-day functions or share fun things that your brand may be doing.

You can also take some time to go through your direct messages on these platforms to respond to anyone who you might not have had time to get back to yet. Being responsive with your clients and followers is one of the best ways to engage with your audience.     

This could also be a good time to take inventory of your social media strategy as a whole. Take a look at your analytics and see which posts are performing the best and if there are any that aren’t getting too much engagement. From there, you can develop a stronger strategy that will allow your brand to continue flourishing year-round.   

Navigating digital marketing and social media with ease might seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be! The designers, content strategists, and social media specialists at Creative Juice can help you take a look at your media and give your digital marketing a fresh, new beginning. Need help with your social media or digital marketing strategies? Reach out to us and we’ll make sure your brand blossoms this spring.🍑