5 Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store


Similar to a website, your online store needs to gain traffic in order to become successful. The more people who see your store the better. Less and less consumers are relying on advertisements as a way to determine what products to buy. So how do you get their attention? Here are five ways you can drive more traffic to your online store.

Send Free Samples

While this may seem counterintuitive, giving away free samples can drive traffic to your site if you know who to give your samples to. There are bloggers, Youtubers, and other online celebrities that create content in the same industry as your products. Send your products to those with a huge following in the hopes that they will talk about them in their next video or post. Giving out free samples to popular bloggers works because it gives them something to write about and it puts your brand out there to a large, already interested audience.

Engage on Social Media

Social media is a great way to drive traffic to your store because you can create an account and start gaining followers before your online store even launches. Starting an account early is a great way to create interest because followers will be excited and curious to check out your store once it opens. Use social media to keep people updated on the progress of the store, take pictures and videos of products and create content that users will want to share. One way to get started is by following other people who you think would be interested in your products. Followerwonk is a great tool to find users on Twitter based on relevant keywords.

Create a Blog

Like social media, a blog is a great way to get your products out to the public. When you blog about relevant topics, consumers may find your posts during a Google search. This unexpectedly leads them to your blog and is a great way to bring new customers to your online store. You can blog about how to use your products, news and other interesting topics in your industry, or even blog about great places to find more information on your industry. For example, you could create a blog post about the online celebrities you gave free samples to; send them the post to let them know and they may be more likely to talk about your product.

Take Good Product Photos

With new social media sites like Instagram and Pinterest, sharing photos is growing in popularity. It’s important to take good quality photos, capturing your product from every angle, not only so consumers can get a good idea for how the product looks, but so they can also share photos of your products with their friends and family. The same idea can be said for packaging design as well. Create a design that looks clean; a design that people will want to take photos of.

Look at What Your Competitors are Doing

One last bit of advice is to study what your competitors are doing. If you’re unsure of what to do, looking at your competitors is a great way to get inspiration. Look at more than just their accomplishments; study the things they did wrong so you can avoid the mistakes and time it would take to figure it out on your own.

As you start to think of ideas to drive more traffic to your online store, remember that your audience is what matters most. Post content and photos that are engaging and encourage people to share. Let your followers do the work through sharing your posts and posting their own reviews.

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-Stay Creative, The Juicers