Easy Steps for Marketing With Webinars

Easy Steps for Marketing With Webinars

A webinar is a presentation you give to an audience through the web. It’s a great tool to communicate with your audience. If used in the right way, a webinar can engage users and spread the word about your brand.



Define an Actionable Topic

The subject is the most important thing to consider because it’s going to draw in users’ attention. Figure out what your customers and potential customers want to know. What are they asking? Depending on your business, you could produce a webinar demonstrating a product, educating your audience on a topic, or explaining the benefits of a service. Any topic can work as long as it is relevant to your business and inspires your audience to take action.


Find a Guest Speaker

A guest speaker can reassure your audience that they are going to receive expert advice. Before you decide on a speaker, think about a person that your community looks up to or someone that has experience on your topic. Once you’ve got some good prospects, narrow it down by focusing on what you want to accomplish. It is best to find someone who can supplement your business, or partner with you. Also, to get involved, you can moderate the webinar. If you are an expert, you can also host the webinar to share your knowledge and build trust. Who has more experience about your business than someone from the inside?



Draft Out Your Copy

A simple outline will help you lay out what you and your guest are going to discuss and will provide the description you give to potential attendees through email, a landing page and social media. Highlight key points to get customers excited and interested. What will they learn? How will this help their lives? Why should they listen? The three things you need to be sure to include are a compelling title, a brief but to-the-point description, and a guest introduction.

Webinar Title

The title should answer a question and grab users’ attention. Similar to a blog title, your webinar title should be specific and imply action. Make your title a list, such as 6 Simple Tips To Use Twitter For Your Business.

Short Description

Write a short description about the topics or concerns you will discuss. Include a list of points that attendees can expect to learn. This will help you organize what you will discuss and give people a clear understanding of what to expect.

Guest Introduction

Introduce your guest in a way that shows they are qualified to teach on this subject. List any relevant achievements. When sending this out to your audience, include a photo so that users can familiarize themselves and feel comfortable with your speaker.



Build a Registration
Page that Converts

When creating a registration page, you first need to consider what platform you’re going to use. The platform can range from free sites with a limited number of attendees such as Any Meeting or paid platforms such as Go To Webinar. These platforms offer pages for registration. On this page, include the description and guest introduction you wrote. Once a visitor has registered, the confirmation page is the perfect place to include a link to subscribe to your blog or encourage them to follow you on social media.



Send Out The Invitations

Now that you’ve got your webinar all set up, it’s time to spread the word. Email invitations are an effective way to drive interest. The email subject line should grab attention in the same way as your webinar title. For your body, be concise when describing your webinar and list the benefits. This is the perfect time to use the description you created earlier. End your email a Call to Action, that links to the registration page. Also, send out an invitation through your blog if you have one, and other social media platforms. Letting people know about your webinar is the best way to gain an audience.

Done successfully, a webinar can engage and build your audience. Use the knowledge and resources you have to educate your audience on a topic they find interesting.


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