Engage with customers using Facebook Messenger

Engage With Customers Using Facebook Messenger

With all of the different social media channels gaining popularity, you might not be giving Facebook much thought. Even though you might not think it, Facebook is still one of the most relevant social media marketing tools that you can use. Over 2.45 billion people still log on and are active on Facebook daily – a number will only increase. With more and more people working from home and spending time on the internet, using social media is probably the best way for businesses to stay top of mind. Brands have flocked to Facebook to better relate to their audiences and take advantage of lower cost PPC advertising. But did you know that Facebook Messenger can also be a valuable marketing tool to get you ahead?

As a brand, remember – you want to relate to your audience, and not just by selling them something. Personalization is a key factor in ensuring you are marketing your brand successfully. Using Facebook Messenger is your secret weapon when it comes to establishing relationships with your existing and prospective customers. We might all be on the internet, but people want to know that there is still a human behind the brand’s digital presence. Let’s take a look at some of the ways Facebook Messenger can help you get better connected with your audience.

keep your audience coming back

A great user experience will keep your audience coming back for more.


Facebook Messenger provides brands with a unique opportunity to establish a 1-to-1 relationship with your customer, so you can provide that individualized attention that makes people feel wanted. After all, if you needed help with something specific, you wouldn’t want to keep receiving generalized messages that didn’t apply to you. The same concept is true for your audience.

It’s not always about the products or services you’re selling, it’s about how you do it. Possibly the top benefit of using Facebook Messenger is creating a great customer service experience that lets your customer know that you understand. The more you understand your customer, the better chance you have to provide content that is valuable and relevant to their journey. Customers (and brands) can benefit from this type of relationship – it not only helps you stay relevant in the midst of other brands competing for their attention, but it also encourages loyalty. People will want to come back to a brand that cares enough to enhance their experience. There may be imitators of your brand’s products or services, but nothing can imitate the experience that you provide to your customers. This is a truly invaluable part of your marketing, so don’t overlook it!

Users are 88% more likely to open Facebook Messenger


Users are 88% more likely to open Facebook Messages than marketing emails.


Now, you might be thinking, cold-messaging tactics aren’t really my brand’s style. No problem! Using Facebook Messenger won’t encourage a ‘cold-messaging’ style because you aren’t sending messages to random users. You’re sending messages to people that your brand already has a relationship with: the people that follow your page. We can all agree that as much as people like an interactive experience, they don’t want to be approached out of the blue. Unsolicited ads and contact can really freak people out. But you aren’t doing that! Facebook Messenger gives you the advantage of interacting with only the people that are already interacting with your page. The best part about that is that the relationship has started on the customer’s end and not yours, so they feel less forced into interacting with your brand. For example, you might see that a user leaves a comment expressing interest in a certain service. You can take a cue from that and send that user a message that might address their questions or concerns. This will help solidify that 1-to-1 relationship we mentioned earlier.

This strategy also results in a higher rate of qualified leads following through. Facebook Messenger campaigns have a much higher open rate, about 88% on average, than using mass email campaigns because the content is considered valuable and relevant instead of being seen as spam. There are also higher click-through rates – 56% higher, in fact. And this doesn’t just apply to service or product promotions. Messenger campaigns can also be used to educate your audience and prompt them to action, share blog posts and articles, or promote a website. The existing relationship results in a much higher chance that your content will not only be received but seriously considered. You took the time to make great content – using a Facebook Messenger campaign is a great way to get your content out to the people who will get the most value from it.

Use Facebook Messenger to reach your target audience


Use Facebook Messenger to get your content to the people who will value it most.


Starting out with Facebook Messenger can sound daunting, but it doesn’t have to be. The concept might be a little different, but generally the ‘rules’ and best practices of effectively reaching your customers stay somewhat the same. Check out a few best practices to keep in mind if you’re just getting started with Facebook Messenger:

Remember your brand voice

You may be using a different avenue to communicate with your customers, but that’s no reason to stop sounding like yourself. All of your correspondence is reflective of your brand, and above all else, you want your brand to remain authentic. Genuine connection with your customers will win every time.

Be quick to respond

Customers are looking to interact with their brands of choice, and oftentimes, they aren’t patient about it (on average, customers look for responses in as little as 10 minutes!). Plus, customers can see how responsive you are to Facebook messages, thanks to a great little badge that Facebook automatically updates based on how quickly and frequently you answer your messages. If customers are asking you questions, make sure to get back to them in a timely manner. Not answering them could drive them to other brands seeking the answers – and you might just lose your lead.

Be personal

Ok, so we already talked a little about personalization, but we’re mentioning it again because it’s that important. Part of a great customer experience is curating the experience that is the most relevant to the individual. Use customer names in messages and pay attention to all of the aspects of their journey with your brand when you’re communicating with them. Make it known that you are in tune with their needs.

Ready to get started using Facebook Messenger? If the answer is ‘not quite,’ we don’t blame you. Social media marketing is complicated enough without throwing in an entirely new way to communicate. Luckily, the Creative Juice team can help your brand develop a winning marketing strategy that helps you get the most out of social media tools like Facebook Messenger. Get in touch with us today! 🍑