Give your social media a fall makeover

Give Your Social Media a Fall Makeover

As the leaves change in color and start to fall, a new season begins for businesses and social media marketers. It’s a great time to spruce up your brand’s overall look just in time for the fast-approaching holiday season. Use this season to plan an effective marketing strategy and create a stunning campaign that will increase your visibility and attract more people towards your brand. Working from home is the new norm for many, so more people are tuned in — this is the perfect chance to cast a wider net with your visually compelling digital marketing. We’ve listed a few ways that you can give your social media a makeover this season.

decorate your socials

Decorate your social media

Social media is one of the first places to highlight your decorations, including new décor in the home, the office, and any other fall activities you share with your followers. Treat your brand the same way — a new profile picture, color palette, and even seasonal emojis can get your followers in the spirit with you. If you’re not too confident in your design skills, websites such as Canva offer lots of templates for your holiday social media posts. Use apps like Unfold and Over to add more pizazz to your Instagram story layouts. Decorate your product shots with props for each holiday — this makes your followers more excited about what you have to share in the coming weeks, and it’s great marketing material.

include more holidays

Include more holidays in your Fall and Winter content calendars

The biggest holidays are Halloween and Thanksgiving, but your content calendars don’t have to end there. Ask yourself which holidays are relevant to your specific audience, and plan your most impactful content around those days. This is also an opportunity to include smaller holidays that add a fun element to your brand’s image this season. Extensive holiday calendars are easily searchable online and you can choose the ones most relevant to your audience. Keeping up with trends shows your audience that you care about sharing up-to-date content with them, which encourages more engagement on the audience’s end. These posts can also extend your newsletters and mailers, so don’t hold back on the creativity!

share useful content

Share useful content

Who doesn’t love a good tutorial? No matter what services you provide, creating and sharing relevant tips is always welcome. If you cook, you can share your best recipes for a downsized, intimate holiday gathering. Show off your eye for decorating by sharing a moodboard of your favorite homeware pieces for the season. The holidays are also about gift giving, so any “top 10” product lists are useful for your audience — this season generates more of these particular keyword searches, so it’s wise to stay ahead of the game. Remember to keep the content short and sweet!

create a contest

Create a contest

Giveaways and sales are the perfect ingredients for your campaign this season. It’s another way to say thank you to your customers who have supported you throughout the year. Make it fun by creating an online game, or creating a photo sharing challenge using your own hashtag, or even hosting an online event. Use your social media to introduce this to your audience — this encourages more interaction between the brand and the customer. This year is an opportunity to get super creative since in-person gatherings are more limited.

There are so many opportunities to have fun with your social media this Fall. This is a chance to switch up your brand’s image and give it a fun new look, while maintaining and increasing your audience. Have fun with it!

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