Graphic Design Matters When It Comes To Marketing

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Graphic Design Matters When It Comes To Marketing

Have you ever looked at a logo and felt an overwhelming urge to find out more about a brand? Or worse – have you ever looked at a logo and wondered, “is this brand even real?” If you have, you can thank graphic design. And you may not realize it, but graphic design is an important part of a brand’s marketing. Some of the most notable brands in the world are successful in part because of their logo and design aesthetic. It’s easy to think of marketing as just the words on a page, because we can get easily caught up with making sure people hear (or read) what we have to say. But it’s important to keep our prospective customers interested, too – and graphic design helps put out that messaging in an innovative way that will keep people coming back for more. Let’s talk a little bit more about why graphic design matters when it comes to marketing.

Make a great first impression

“You never get a second chance at a first impression” might sound really cliché, but it’s true. When you unveil your brand to the world, that first impression will determine if your audience gravitates towards your brand or runs the other way. Yes, it’s true! Graphic design is the first impression that your audience has when they are taking a look at your brand, so it’s important that you make that impression count. And sure, there’s the classic ‘rebrand’ that many brands go through – but if your first impression isn’t enough to keep an audience around, what is the likelihood that they’ll stick around for your rebrand? (The answer is, not likely.)

That brings us back around to the first point we made – your first impression is super important, so investing in your graphic design is crucial. Take a brand’s logo, for example. An uninteresting logo or a logo that is hard for audiences to decipher can cause them to lose interest. It can also make you less memorable than your competitors (more on this a bit later). When creating your logo, you want something that will stand out, but creating one that is overly complicated may cause you to fade into the background, and that’s something all brands should avoid. 

Your first impression isn’t just affected by the quality of your logo. Developing brand guidelines can help your graphic design remain consistent across all of your channels and marketing materials. The fonts that you use on your website, the color scheme of your flyers and posters – these are all important when you’re building and establishing a credible brand identity. The more consistent you are with your graphic design, the more credibility you will build amongst your audience. Remaining consistent will help audiences know what to expect from your brand from a graphic design standpoint. You want to be seen as professional, trustworthy, and you want to be memorable. Consistency in graphic design can help you make that great first impression so that you start off the right way.

Create designs that support your messaging

Your brand messaging is more than just words on a page. Choosing the right brand colors and fonts for your copy can affect how your message is received. Graphic design can help convey emotions to your audience that make your message more compelling. Remember – you have a story to tell and your goal with your marketing and your brand is to tell your story in a way that will resonate with your audience.

Not convinced? Let’s look at an example. The following copy about a firm’s commitment to great customer service can take on a totally different meaning with a different font selected:


The above may seem like a very basic example, but you get the point. The visual presentation of a message can affect how it is received. 

Graphic Design is also what is going to keep your audience interested in what you have to say. It can be overwhelming for audiences to sit down and read large volumes of plain text on a screen from start to finish. Oftentimes, it doesn’t happen and we need to find ways to make our messaging more interesting. Things like infographics and memes give brands another outlet to present their messaging in an interesting way. In blogs (like this one!), we include supporting graphics to break up the text and keep people’s attention throughout. Great graphic design will keep your audience interested in what you have to say, and providing new and innovative ways to present your content can make audiences excited and leave them wondering what is coming next. 

That brings us to our last final point….

Graphic Design sets you apart from your competition

In our all digital age, it’s pretty much essential to have exciting and highly engaging content. Tools like Canva put the power of graphic design in anyone’s hands, making it possible to create high quality graphics quickly and easily. Since there is so much content out there, the challenge becomes finding new ways to get creative and make your graphic design an effective tool. Your audience is eager to see how you solve challenges in creative ways. And while free designs using online tools are great, since they are available to everyone, there’s a pretty good chance that elements of your design can appear in others’ marketing materials. Having someone who specializes in graphic design can offer fresh insight into the graphic design elements that make people stop and go, “wow!” Take the time to develop your own designs, carefully choose your palette, and really think about how your font choices can affect how your messages come across to others. Investing time into making your graphic design effective can ensure that you’re building a brand image that is unique and cannot be easily imitated.

It can be daunting choosing a dedicated graphic designer that is able to capture your vision. On the other hand, you may be considering hiring a graphic designer because it’s not necessarily your area of expertise and you’d like some outside help. If you’re looking for fresh ideas for custom designs and help developing your brand guides, reach out to Creative Juice to connect with a graphic designer! We work with our clients to understand their vision to create graphics that work in tandem with their messaging and create a strong, unique brand identity that makes their brand stand out. You’ve found your unique voice. Now make sure your graphic design amplifies it. 🍑