#what #does #this #even #mean? Hashtags That Are Trending

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#what #does #this #even #mean? Hashtags That Are Trending

The term “social network” says it all. At its core, the purpose of social networking is to share and communicate with one another. It’s easy, fun, and doesn’t require a lot of commitment. Most social media communication is superficial, inciting a casual “like” or emoji. From commenting on what someone made for dinner to posting pictures from a vacation, hashtagging is a new way to catalogue massive amounts of digital information.

Hashtags have many uses. Companies use them for marketing, to easily gain user feedback, or to track the conversation around a product. Individuals use hashtags for personal marketing by getting involved in a hashtag theme, or for making their post easier to be found (and liked) by like-minded individuals. Below are some examples of successful hashtags, what they do, and why they are #instagood.

1. #likeforlike or #followforfollow
This hashtag is used to indicate that if liked, the recipient will like or follow back. The general aim of social media is to acquire as many “friends” as possible, and this #hashtag is used mostly to acquire online popularity. As a means for personal branding, the #likeforlike and #followforfollow are one of the most popular tags on Twitter and Instagram.

2. #throwbackthursday, #tbt, #flashbackfriday
Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday are themes to generate involvement from users across social media. The aim is that, on these days, people will feel encouraged to share old pictures of themselves, usually with a description of why the photo was shared. Creating an event such as this is a great way to get people engaged. People like to share, and creating engaging events such as these can be effective means for free online publicity.

3. #nofilter
This hashtag is a descriptor. It indicates that a photo was shared on Instagram without use of its editing features. #Nofilter is also one of the most popular hashtags on Instagram. Its popularity makes sense. The tag is widely applicable due to the nature of this social network. Instagram is a photography-focused site, and people using #nofilter will likely search for others using the tag.

4. Cause Marketing #hashtags: #internationaldayofhappiness
Another way to create an event that sparks conversation is through Cause Marketing. For example, on March 20th, people around the world celebrate #internationaldayofhappiness, a day when people are encouraged to explore mental health and ways individuals make themselves happy. On Instagram, posts with the hashtag features people doing things that make them happy. Other Cause Marketing hashtags include: #womeninengineering, #womeninbiz, #learningisfun, and #blacklivesmatter.

5. Team #Hashtags: #knicks or #notredame
The psychology behind #hashtags reveals the desire to communicate with like-minded people. Users create hashtags to organize topics of interest, and to be found by people searching for similar things. With the basketball season underway, people are using these hashtags in reference to their favorite teams, to discuss key points in the game, to celebrate successes, and to mourn losses. The interesting point about social media marketing is that, if people are interested in your product or organization, the conversation will start, whether it is positive or negative.

The digital age is about freedom of choice, unlimited amounts of consumer opinions, and the ease of global communication. It’s easier than ever for companies to get involved in the conversation, to tap into word-of-mouth reviews, and to receive instantaneous user feedback. Hashtags are one way to do this, and the internet is atwitter with daily trending tags. Getting found by the right niche is something that our Juicers understand. Whether it’s redesigning an online brand or devising expert copy that earns you virtual buzz, our team is here to help.