how Bad Branding can kill your business

How Bad Branding Can Kill Your Business

Branding will make or break any business. In today’s consumer-driven economy, branding and marketing are both integral to success. The old model of “the best product always wins” is changing. Now, providing a quality good or service isn’t enough. People want to support organizations with ethos–organizations that demonstrate credibility through the marketing of what they have to offer. Whether it be an ugly logo or poor social media presence, don’t let bad branding kill your business, because it can. And it will.

bad branding


When your brand lacks depth, customers know it. Rule number one: everything has a purpose. People put their trust in organizations with well developed ideas and concepts. The more thought you put into your branding, the more it will show that you care about satisfying your customers’ unique needs. Your brand is, in essence, a preview of your organization, so if your branding is poor, consumers will (subconsciously or consciously) be inclined to devalue what you offer. 

Attention to detail is important in branding. Your aesthetic must be intentional. After all, if you aren’t intentional with the visual expressions of your business, why would a customer think you’ll be intentional in fulfilling their needs?

consistency is a key for branding


If your business fails to incorporate the same branding patterns throughout all of your marketing, you will lose credibility. Consistency is key for branding. You want your brand to be both recognizable and distinguishable. Your brand is recognizable when it is consistent, while your brand is distinguishable when something about it is markedly unique. These two ideas go hand in hand to create a brand that screams “we know what we’re doing, and we’ll do it for you.”

complexity of a brand is confusing


We live in a fast-paced world. If someone sees a logo or brand and can’t understand it quickly, they’ll move on with their day, never giving your business a second thought. If your brand is too complex in the way it is presented, then it will not resonate well with potential customers. The mission of your organization should be intentional and perhaps even deep, but on the surface, your message must come across as simple, clean, and fun. Expressing depth through simplicity is the key to effective, memorable branding.

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