How Silicon Valley’s Tech Giants can Boost Your Business

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How Silicon Valley’s Tech Giants can Boost Your Business

People open their own businesses for a variety of reasons. But a passion for the craft is consistently cited as the chief source of motivation. Of course, the reality of running a company means there are many things to juggle in order to keep doing whatever it is that motivated us in the first place. Often business owners find themselves doing less of what makes them happy and more of the marketing that is essential in keeping the lights on. For this reason, we have put together a list of tools that major Silicon Valley companies created to help solve this pain point.



YouTube knows that a significant number of its ads are created by small and medium sized businesses. The online video giant understands small companies want to make short impression videos to run on everything from their social media pages to banner ads to the YouTube channel itself. The problem small businesses often have around small marketing budgets is the issue of low-quality films.

To help solve this, Google created a free tool called YouTube Director. The tool can help small businesses create these short video ads on their own. While the app includes several templates, music, and editing features, it has limited resources for the particularly creative entrepreneur.

In an interesting twist to connect small businesses with local filmmakers, YouTube has also created YouTube Director Onsite service. For a fee, YouTube will connect its users with vetted local filmmakers to do short advertising shots. Currently, this service is only available in Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and San Francisco.



In the advent of Instagram’s popularity, the brand has created a variety of features to help companies understand the metrics behind what their fans like and don’t like. The app was designed as a mobile-first platform, and they have carried this over onto their business dashboard. The console allows business owners to see when users interacted with a post, the social reach, and how much engagement an individual post has had.

With this insight, Instagram makes it easy for small and medium-sized businesses to start advertising their own brand on the Instagram platform. At the very least, a company can see which of their social posts performed the best. They can create ads from the posts that did well and target new audiences.



Twitter has given it’s would-be advertisers the ability to focus on individual audiences. The Twitter “personas feature” allows businesses to target these audiences and help them to build an ad campaign around these particular groups. Companies can create Twitter ads specifically oriented toward customers who have college degrees, those who make more or less than $100,000 per year, the people who are parents, are male or female and can even narrow their targeting down to their customers’ geographic location. The information within this feature is readily available with the “view audience insights” button inside Twitter’s business dashboard. The feature provides a wealth of knowledge for small businesses looking to tap into local markets.



While Facebook is not the first social platform to come up with the idea of creating a “call” button, they have certainly helped small businesses leverage the button in an efficient way. Facebook makes it entirely easy for its vast network of users to search for businesses and call the company directly. In a seemingly simple strategy, these businesses can also reach out to users with additional interaction. As an increasing number of people use social platforms on their phones, the call button makes for a perfect pairing of finding a local business, interacting with these users, and calling that company from the same device.


The apps and tools listed are only a few of the many resources available to help small businesses create their marketing. For more information on creating better strategies around marketing, creative work, and generating new leads please call Creative Juice, the local Atlanta ad agency who is 100% not from concentrate.