Get the Most For Your Money: How to Be a Good Client

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Get the Most For Your Money: How to Be a Good Client

Your time and money are precious, and when it comes to designing your website, logo or marketing materials, we want to make sure everything is perfect. Communication is key, so here are a few points to help you, help us in visualizing your perfect design.

Clients Should…


1. Ask to see a designer’s work.

This is the first question any client should ask. Not only will it allow you to see if the designer has good quality work, but it also allows you to see a designer’s style and capabilities. This step gives you a clear understanding of expectations so you’re not disappointed with the final piece.


2.Understand all terms, conditions and prices.

This ensures that both the client and the designer have a clear expectation of what services are being provided; leaving no confusion or unexpected costs at the end. A good designer makes information readily available, and should have no problem reviewing with you so there is no confusion.

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3.Provide samples or ideas of designs you like.

Sometimes it can be hard to convey the style or design you want just through words. Providing your designer with examples of your vision will give the designer a better direction.


4.Deliver any information or content that goes with the design in a timely manner.

If you already have a logo or content you wish to be in the design, make sure to send the information as soon as possible. It’s crucial that the designer has all the necessary elements to create a design which fits your needs; just imagine having to do a job without all the right tools.


5.Schedule time to talk/meet with your designer.

As we mentioned earlier, communication is important. Scheduling a time to check-in, will allow you to ask questions you might have later on in the project and stay updated on the progress.


6. Be respectful of the designer’s time.

As the project continues, you may find new inspiration or want changes to the design. Let your designer know, but don’t expect the changes to happen immediately. On the same note, your designer will provide you with mock-ups of your design. In order to keep the process running smoothly, make sure to respond back with constructive criticism and changes in a timely manner.

When it comes to being a good client; organization, patience and communication are important habits to have.

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