How to Create a Publication Design

How to Create a Publication Design

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Instinctively, most people think of newspapers when they hear this phrase. Newspapers are considered a publication, but publications can include newsletters, journals, fact sheets, reports, summaries, annual reports, and white papers. Publication design applies to a broad range of works and can also include e-publishing, a more recent form of publication that is accessed online. So does publication design have you stumped? We’re here to help. Designing a publication can seem overwhelming at first but by following our four simple steps, you’ll be on the path to publication victory in no time.

  1. Know Your Audience

There are countless publications available that cover a wide variety of topics. In order to stand out and make sure that your publication is reaching the right people, it is important to clearly define who your audience is. This knowledge can  help you determine the look and feel your publication should have. It’s important to pay attention to every detail,  including the format, contents, colors, and imagery. The content should be interesting, relevant, and engaging to your audience. This will help increase and maintain readership over time.

  1. Lay Out is Everything

Next, you need to create the framework for your publication. Once you have a good understanding of the amount of content and the details of it, creating your layout will be much easier. Because you want the publication to flow naturally, the layout is a crucial part of the publication design process. Also, it’s a chance to be creative and really define what the entire publication will look like. The layout you will use for a brochure will be vastly different from the layout you will use for an annual report, so be sure to keep in mind the type of publication you are creating. You dont want to overwhelm your readers and you want to make sure they can clearly understand what content is in the publication. A detailed table of contents, along with some blurbs of key things you want to highlight would be ideal.

  1. Add the Zest

This is the fun part: creating a theme. A theme is a great way to help carry your message or story in a consistent way from page to page. Now that you have the content, you can develop at theme which will help the visual direction of photos, illustrations, and various other design elements to your publication. This step gives your publication design that extra kick, and can really add some unique elements. A theme should bring out the best of the content and create something readers will appreciate and hold on to. You can also come up with a cool unique title, based on the theme of your choosing.

  1. Evaluate and Send Off for Design

Finally, your publication design is ready to come to life. Once you complete your final review, you can send off your content to your designer.  Having a clear direction, organized content, and an idea of imagery, allows them to fully understand your vision and execute the design successfully. Other things to think about are how you want the publication printed, and if you also want an digital version. Once your work is printed, you will not be able to make any changes, so be sure to proof the publication before final approval.

In addition to making your publication interesting, engaging, and visually appealing, you also want to ensure it’s easy to access, easy to understand, and is available in multiple formats. If you are still struggling to design a publication or need a publication designed for you, Creative Juice can help. Contact us today for a consultation on your publication design.