how to create content from home

How To Create Content From Home

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, today’s work environment looks a little different – new surroundings, different distractions, and your comfortable bed can make it confusing. For creatives, a new schedule can affect your content creation and overall productivity. Working from home is a mental and physical adjustment, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult one. The transition can be a little tricky at first, but having a good space and routine makes it much easier. Here are some tips to help you effectively create content while working from home:

Get Focused

Create your space

It’s imperative to set aside a space to create. It can be an empty spare room you convert into an office, or a simple corner with a clean desk, comfortable office furniture, and good lighting – whatever suits your personal style and tasks. Make sure that the space is quiet with minimal distractions. Vision boards and daily planners are great tools to keep you focused and productive. Regardless of the space location, designate this quiet area in your home and commit to working there specifically.

Budget extra time for planning and executing

Content creation is a lot harder than it looks. Listing ideas off the top of your head is the easy bit – for optimal productivity, it’s best to organize your ideas by topic. With each topic, keep in mind you’ll need a lot of time to research, plan, and execute. Set aside sufficient time to focus on each topic. Set realistic deadlines for your projects, including the time for initial research and development. It helps to factor in a couple extra hours per project for further research, editing, and any technological difficulties.

get inspired 

Add visuals

To make your content more intriguing, add some visuals to break it up. Using your own photos and designs add to the authenticity of your post and show off your creativity. It’s a great time to explore your creative side and improve your skills, which can boost the quality of your future content. If you’re not that comfortable making your own visuals yet, investing in a stock photography license and editing software is a great option to maintain image quality.

Find inspiration

You can also use this time to find new inspiration around you. Think about what makes you inspired, motivated, and positive, and focus more on those activities. Take breaks to clear your mind or get back into your hobbies – the content comes naturally when you’re more refreshed. Reading, researching, and creating mood boards are great ways to find inspiration and feel motivated for your work.

Working from home is a different experience, but with the right environment and mindset, your creativity and productivity won’t be hindered. Don’t forget to take breaks to recharge! Need extra help in creating content? Contact us. We are happy to help.