How to Design a Website for Your Target Audience

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How to Design a Website for Your Target Audience

It’s tempting to create a website for your small business based on your own personal preferences. We all have different ideas about good design, but when you base your web design on your opinions of what looks good you might be creating a website that won’t attract your target audience. Here are some tips to better direct your web design towards your audience.



Know Your Audience

I know you’re probably sick of hearing this, but your audience should always be on your mind as you create content or start designing a website. What does it really mean to know your audience? It’s important to know their demographics and interests, but any information you can obtain is useful. Perhaps you’re marketing to a younger audience who spends a lot of time using mobile devices. This means you’ll want to create a website that’s responsive. Think about what they want and how you can provide it through your website.



Remember to Compromise

You may have a broad audience, which can be conflicting when deciding on a direction or game plan. In this case it can be harder to give your audience everything they want since it’s so varied. That’s where compromise comes in. Consider the points that will appeal to the largest group of people, and keep in mind that these may not be design choices you personally find interesting.



Clear Communication Is Key

Your design should do more than just sit there and look pretty, you want it to convey your brand personality and create an atmosphere. Communicating these feelings means that you have to have a clear understanding of your audience. If your web design includes icons or graphics, it’s important to use icons that your audience will recognize. Social media icons may be more recognizable to a younger audience. When your website design and content are clear, your target audience is likely to spend more time on your website.


User Friendly

Make It User Friendly

Thinking about your audience is also important when planning the layout of your website. You may have an idea of how you want your website to be organized, but it’s important to consider whether it’ll make sense to your audience. One way to figure this out is by creating specific profiles of people in your target audience. Put yourself in their shoes to see how they would navigate your site. What type of information do they look for first? What do they want to know next? These are great questions to help you determine where to place information. Another way to see if your site is user friendly is through beta testing different versions of your website with a focus group representing your target audience. This allows you to see where they migrate to the most.


While you may have ideas of how you want your site to look, sometimes your personal preferences won’t translate into what the audience wants. That’s why it’s so important to think about your audience as you start designing your website.

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