How to find your target audience

How To Find Your Target Audience

When creating a brand, one of the first things to think about is your target audience. Who do we market to? What demographics? What generations? There are lots of questions when it comes to discerning just who your target audience is, and it can certainly feel daunting. But not to worry–it’s actually way simpler than you might think! Here are some simple steps to finding who your business should primarily market to.

understand your brand


Before you can decide upon your key customer base, you should ask yourself this question: “How does my business improve the lives of my customers and why would somebody be interested in what I have to offer?” It is important to think like a customer when deciding on ways to market your brand. What is a customer’s favorite thing about your brand?  For what reason are they choosing you? 

Think about the type of people that benefit from what you are offering. Regardless of the specifics of your business, you are selling a solution to some problem.  What is the problem and who, specifically, needs your solution? Another major consideration is competitive advantage; what makes your business different than anyone else’s? Competition is everywhere, so capitalizing upon the unique advantages of your business is critical.

Keep in mind that it’s not always about cost. Particularly in today’s consumer economy, people make decisions to support businesses that stand for something, treat them right, and simplify their lives.

make marketing personas


Sure, “marketing persona” sounds fancy, but have no fear! A marketing persona is simply an outline of a type of person that is interested in what you have to offer. This strategic marketing tactic helps facilitate the creation of relevant content for various types of marketing.

Think of personas as business roleplay. That is, take a deep dive into what your customer wants from your business and why they want it. Keep in mind that your business will likely have a diverse customer base, so it is wise to create and utilize many different personas. A simple rule of thumb: you’ll want to make at least four or so different personas and break them down by age, location, and position. Play around with it… give that persona a name and a story. Sure, they might be imaginary, but to your profit margins, they are just as real as you and me!

Research your target audience


Once you have a better background understanding, you can get into the knitty gritty. This is where you use the personas you have created as “shortcuts” of who you are trying to reach and how you’ll reach them. Fill in data to support and develop those personas. You might find that data will refute personas you’ve already created. In that case, modify the persona. Incorporation of customer feedback and sales data helps to ensure your personal friends are true as spot-on as they can be.  After all, who’s better to tell you about your customer base than your customers themselves!

In short, follow these different areas of advice for finding your target audience:

  1. Find what you do the best and what your customers like the most.
  2. Create your foundational market personas. 
  3. Research, ask questions, research, repeat! 

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