How To Make A Joyful User Experience

How To Make A Joyful User Experience

Our world has come to rely on ease. Whether it’s purchasing on Amazon with one click, ordering food right to our doorsteps, or changing the song on our speaker with nothing but our voices, we love simplicity and convenience. The same principle applies when we use websites. It’s important for your business to take advantage of a “user-friendly” website. This overall ease of navigation is what we like to call “user experience.” It is crucial for a successful website or app. If user experience is lacking, then your site will not be beneficial to your business. 

People want to enjoy themselves when they are using something that a business has created. The quality of the user experience is important to the customers and should be important to you, too. It represents that you care enough to cater to your audience and build something they will enjoy. It is important to make use of these following key ideas when creating a joyful user experience.


If you want to create a better user experience, It is helpful to determine which parts of your website attract the most attention. A flow mapping software is a great way to do just that.

Flow mapping identifies the most popular and frequently used parts of your website or app which is also known as the “hot” parts. This data is usually recorded by the number of clicks to a certain area of your content. Do users click several pages deep? Just a click or two? This is all important data moving forward with making a successful user experience because it shows where your site/app is succeeding and where it needs improvement. Use the information you gather from flow mapping to make sure “hot” items are more prominent on your website.

Being able to understand how your audience navigates to content is crucial to an overall successful user experience. Over time your audience might change, so it is important to constantly keep the flow mapping data current and make the proper adjustments as close to in real time as possible. 


For your audience to explore your content and want to use what you have to offer, it has to have a certain aesthetic that is appealing to the eye. The design itself needs to draw them in, navigate them to the most important information, and pull them even deeper to further explore. Because this idea is accomplished through design elements, it is all subconscious for the user. Whether it be the colors and font style or the location of the buttons on the page, this all matters for the success of your site or app. Factors can change when going from mobile to computer so it is wise to take everything into account. Attractiveness is important to the user, whether they realize it or not, so it should be of utmost importance to your website. Stick with design that fits your industry and aligns with modern design standards while preserving the unique identity of your business. Truly, user experience design has no limit when it is executed well. 


The best way for you to know that you have created an enjoyable user experience is to try it out. When testing your site, you are essentially looking to see if the site data demonstrates that you’re catering to your intended audience. You do not do this by going live and allowing your actual contingent to pick it apart… that’s how you lose customers! The proper way to test your app or site before it goes live to the public is to recruit trusted friends, colleagues, and even a small group of diverse people. These recruits will test what is called the beta version of your app or site. The testers should be able to easily understand your business and your services or product just by browsing. That way, the beta testers can help mold your site into the correct format or setup. No one knows the user quite like the users themselves, so it is nice to get feedback from a sample of people before moving forward.

The site or app needs to be as good as it can be before it goes out to the public. This sampling information will help tell you what is working and what is not so it can be changed before going live. If the public is happy, then you will be happy, because your website will offer an engaging user experience.

User experience is extremely important — that can’t be stressed enough. The sooner people implement this, the sooner they will be able to more effectively cater their sites to their customers. For further help on ways to create a better user experience, please feel free to contact us