The Importance of Graphic Design in Strategic Planning

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The Importance of Graphic Design in Strategic Planning

The end and beginning of a year typically calls for many businesses to take a hard look in the mirror and strategize about where they want to take their business in the coming year. This self-appraisal often involves discussions of re-branding portions of the business or the business as a whole, expanding the business, staying the course or switching up their marketing, or re-focusing attention on certain operations of the business.

Graphic design and web design play an integral role in any business’ strategic evaluation process; specifically concerning how and what a business may do in the coming year.

january_socialmedia-20Changes in Technology

With advancements in technology happening year after year, it is always a smart business decision to re-evaluate how your business utilizes technology.  Ask yourself – is there an easier way for my customers or clients to receive information from my business? The answer will most likely be yes.  Digital brochures, interactive graphics, and coded email blasts are examples of marketing tools made available to businesses by changing technology.  In addition, recent advancements in mobile capabilities now allow your website to do more on a phone or tablet. Responsive design has made it possible for your website to reformat itself to any sized screen. Read about it here. If your site is only fit for computer-sized screens, you’re making it difficult for your customers and clients to access information on other devices.  The name of the game these days is access, and the proper and appropriate graphic design and web design will ensure your message is effectively and efficiently delivered.

january_socialmedia-18Current Trends

In addition to thinking about changes in technology, you should also be mindful of the current trends in communication and marketing.  While, your branding should not be swayed by the ever-changing trends of the times, marketing campaigns can be heavily affected, since they have a shorter lifespan.  For example, in the past few years we have seen the introduction of Facebook advertising, hashtag campaigns, and sponsored posts on twitter and Instagram.  Not only have there been social media platform changes, but there are also cultural changes that affect your content, which in turn affects your design.


Lastly, many companies also consider expansion into new markets.  Here companies make the first initial decision as to whether their expansion will be done with the company’s current branding or whether the new line or service will have different branding.  Companies have to determine if the new service is in line with the current branding, will the current branding work for the new market, and is the format of advertising the same for the expansion line.  Whether it’s a new line of clothes, products, services, or an expansion into a new geographic area, a company must consider the appropriate branding and design to ensure the company gets their return on their investment into this new arena.


So, when it comes time to make strategic plans for the next year, make sure to include graphic design and web design in your discussion.  They are critical components to effective communication.

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