Increase Sales in 5 Minutes


Increase Sales in 5 Minutes

The future of digital advertising lies in an approach that has garnered success in the advertising worldwide. Online videos are a rapidly growing segment of marketing that have the power to entertain as well as persuade.

Creating an effective video can seem daunting so we have gathered some tips to help you accomplish this. 


1. Tell the Story

The meat of the video is the most powerful tool to reach people at the heart. Use writing that speaks to your brand and appeals to your audience on an emotional level. With a five minute limit, time is key. It takes a well crafted story to hold even the most interested person in the room.

Sometimes humor speaks the loudest. People are willing to share a hilarious video with their friends making it spread like wildfire over a large audience. Dollar Shave Club, a popular men’s grooming company, used well crafted wit matched with an impressively low budget to create a spot on viral ad campaign which landed them $10 Million in venture capital funding in 2012.

Tugging on the heart strings is another classic trick that’s sure to have people resonate on a deeper level. To celebrate their 100th anniversary, Dodge released a video that spoke to people, across generations. They created effective content by letting people be themselves and speak from their own experience.

 Whatever the topic, be sure that your customer’s can relate, or that you are solving a problem or need they have.


2. Produce the Video

You don’t need to be professional videographer to pull off an amazing video shoot, but it’s important to decide the look you are going for. Some video bloggers record their movies on their phones. This creates an unscripted raw video that their fans love. You can also take the webcam approach. Many companies sit in front of their webcam and talk directly into the camera. You may however, want to take a more professional approach based on your audience. If this is the case, it is best hire a professional videographer who will shoot you or your employees on site or in their studio.


It is important that the viewer can hear you, so make sure your video sounds clear and understandable. Speak slowly and legibly. You should practice and record yourself while using a timer. This will help you determine if you are speaking too fast.


3. Spread the Word

To popularize your video, use keywords and phrases that are commonly searched. Use proper descriptive words and hashtags on sites like YouTube, WordPress, and Twitter to gain viewership.  Make sure you upload the video to YouTube and use their embed code to add the video to your website. Google owns Youtube, so if someone googles the keywords that are the name of your video, your video will pop up higher on the search results. This is an easy way to drive traffic to your website and gain brand awareness.

Before you start posting do your research. Know the social media platforms your target audience frequently visits because this will help you better reach them. Social media is an easy way to reach a large audience over a short period of time. Learn more about social media trends here. By creating a simple 5 minute video you are allowing potential and current customers to connect with you and your business. Video’s are much more effective at translating information, than paragraphs of text. They are also fun and engaging. Creating a timeline and posting videos often will allow you to stay fresh in a customer’s mind and drive traffic to your business.

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