Increase Sales with Social Media

Increase Sales with Social Media

With the majority of consumers actively using various social media outputs, social media has become a very effective way to increase your business. From Facebook to Twitter, social media can help you expand your business and gain new customers.

First things first.. Is social media right for you?

Social media can be a great way to market your business, but ONLY if your target market is actively using social media. Remaining active will not increase sales if your target is spending their time in other places. For example, if you are a B2C business, it may be more beneficial to spend time on Facebook and Twitter. However, as a B2B business, Linkedin may produce better results.

Depending on the business, determine what kind of content you want to be sharing through your social media. You can post about special offers, new products, or any company news to those who follow you. You want to give them content that they will be interested in, otherwise there’s no reason for customers to follow you. Your goal is to connect and build relationships. Consumers want to feel comfortable with your brand, make sure your it relates to them, and that it is one they can trust.

march_socialmedia-24What do you have to say and why should any one listen? The content you post needs to be fresh and engaging. Don’t be afraid to post about discounts, promotions, contests, and limited edition products. Think about offering these items exclusively to those who follow your brand on social media. By creating a sense of exclusivity, you are making your readers feel special. What does your target market care about? What are they interested in? Take the time to research these questions. Researching companies who have similar products and services can give you an insight on the things you need to talk about. Don’t be afraid to engage with consumers. They are more inclined to follow your brand if you are posting about things they already do not know. Educate and position yourself as an expert and consumers will listen to what you have to say.


march_socialmedia-16A huge DON’T is to abuse social media with links that are inappropriate or unprofessional. Your business page is a reflection of your company and the views your company has. It is important to monitor employees’ posts and make sure you approve what they are saying, as well as the tone that is being used. Take caution, as you do not want to offend a customer and lose their business. You can use humor, but just make sure it’s tasteful and relates to your brand.


march_socialmedia-17Social media can’t help you unless you are active! You need to come up with a schedule for posting, to make sure that you don’t go too long without posting something. It is best practice to update your social media at least 2 times a week. This is a way to ensure that your business stays relevant. Whenever you post something and people see it in their news feed, they are instantly reminded of your business. There are helpful services online to manage and schedule future posts, so you can be sure they go out at the right time.


march_socialmedia-18Create accounts on multiple platforms. Facebook is a great place to start. But, Twitter is also very popular, as well as LinkedIn, Google Plus, or Instagram. Think about the type of business you have and where your customers would be. YouTube could also be beneficial, depending on your company and the content you wish to share. There are tons of ways to market your business on these different platforms. For example, if you are a restaurant, you want to post images of your food on Instagram or Foursquare.


march_socialmedia-25You should also encourage current customers to post about your business, because believe it or not, they are providing you with FREE, yes FREE, marketing. Offer your loyal customer DISCOUNTS! Many businesses offer additional discounts if you “like” them on Facebook. Or perhaps offer 50% off to the person who re-tweets a tweet for the 100th time. There are many creative ways to encourage your current readers to engage with your brand and help you spread awareness.


march_socialmedia-26Next, if your brand sells products, consider creating a YouTube video with an employee demonstrating how it’s used. Google searches pull YouTube videos and if a potential client is searching how to do what you are demonstrating, you may appear higher on Google search results. The YouTube video can link to your website and therefore increase leads. A lead from a YouTube video would appear more qualified and trustworthy than someone who randomly lands on your website.


The more platforms you use for your business, the larger your audience becomes over time.


With social media, you are able to reach potential customers from all over the world. Digital content, like pictures, blog posts, or even tweets can spread like wildfire across the Internet every day. Infographics are also very popular. Read more about them here.

Every day millions of people use social media to connect with friends, family, and brands. If you use your social media wisely and post content that your customers will want to see and share, you will see a drastic increase in your sales.

Need help setting up your social media or customizing the pages?

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