It's 2016! You should be using Infographics

It’s 2016! You Should be Using Infographics

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners. Infographics are a way to communicate complex information at a glance, without a lot of explaining. They allow for the display of information in an appealing way, making an image more shareable, and summarizing your brand’s purpose quickly and neatly. If you still aren’t using these handy visuals in your marketing plan, check out our blog post on the importance of infographics for more reasons why you should. Maybe you’re already on the infographic bandwagon, but still not sure whether it’s worth your time or money to hire a professional to design them for you. Here are three great reasons why you should:


1. Experience
Hiring a professional will give you an outside opinion. A hired designer can provide fresh perspective and help generate creative ideas that come from years of schooling, professional practice, and incubation with a laptop and color swatches. An expert specializes in staying abreast of trends in infographic design, and can tailor your infographic to fit your brand’s image with the use of color, type, and symbols. With the experience of a talented graphic designer, you can rest assured that you’re going to get eye-catching visuals.


2. Research
Creating an infographic isn’t just about design. Depending on the project, it can take a lot of research. With information provided by your company, a professional will scour the depths of the net, searching for trends that will make your infographic relevant to the intended audience. A professional will fact-check for you, double-checking and triple-checking necessary information to safeguard the authenticity of your brand. Graphic designers spend time thinking about how to make information easy to absorb and attractive. A good infographic needs to be accurate, easy to understand, and clearly linked to your brand; a good designer will help you do that.


3. Design Tools
Trends in graphic design evolve as quickly as the tools needed to make them. Making an infographic, in theory, is as simple as following a recipe, but the skill required to churn out the perfect soufflé depends on the skill of the chef. Building an infographic from scratch can be a daunting task, especially if the purpose is complex. A professional will help save you the time of having to learn the skills and tools necessary to build an attractive infographic.

With a graphic designer, you can get all that you want from your infographics without compromising on skill. A professional will give you visuals that will complement your brand and clear up time in the day to focus on business-as-usual. For streamlining your brand’s message with use of an infographic, Creative Juice is here to help.