Meet Kenny, Our New Intern!

Meet Kenny, Our New Intern!

Meet our newest Juicer, Kenny! He’s a high school student interested in the world of design, with an eye for street art and playful graphics. We’ve been excited to have him on board, and look forward to watching him continue to grow as a designer.

Juicer Profile: Kenny

What is your name and where are you from?
My name is Kenny Allen and I’m from Cleveland, Ohio.

What year of school are you in?
I am a senior at Tri-Cities High School.

What is your current GPA?
My current GPA is a 4.0.

What program are you in that allows you to intern with us?
I am a part of the Talented and Gifted Program in my high school.

Why did you want to intern at Creative Juice?
I wanted to intern at a place for graphic design so I could see how real life designers live and work. Creative Juice stood out to me individually because the owner, Mrs. Octavia Gilmore, is a graduate of SCAD, one of my dream schools.

Why are you interested in Graphic Design?
I have always been interested in art and drawing and never knew how simple sketches were made into official animations on the computer until I stumbled across graphic design.

Are you taking any relevant classes in school?
No I haven’t been able to get into a graphic design or art class this year on my schedule so that’s what made it so imperative that I get an internship in graphics.

What have you learned from this internship and how have you used the skills thus far?
This internship has taught me how people work in this field. I’ve experienced everything from searching for clients to packaging gift boxes to show appreciation to our past clients. I’ve been able to get hands-on, one-on-one work with Adobe Illustrator, which I was foreign to before I got here, and they taught me how not to fear the unknown.

What is your dream job?
My dream job is to work with a big company like Disney on their animation team or park animatronics.

Do you have a plan to achieve it?
Yes, my plan is to attend a 4-year college as an engineer major and then attend SCAD and study animation for another 2-4 years. After that I will hopefully get an internship at Disney and work my way to a key employee.

What activities do you enjoy outside of school and your internship?
Outside of school and graphics, I love baseball! I’ve been playing baseball for as long as I remember. I also like band, technical theatre, drawing, and playing with technology.

What’s one thing about you that makes you unique or creative?
One thing that makes me unique is my brain. Not to say I’m a genius, but the way I think and absorb information separates me from another average high school 12th grader. I am a driven individual that works hard to achieve my goals and without my unique way of thinking, I just wouldn’t be Kenny.

What’s your favorite design you’ve made?
My Pink Monkey. My Monkey doesn’t have a name yet, but what inspired me to make him the way I did is simply because i like monkeys and graffiti. I wanted to figure out how to put two things that I love together in a picture and this is the outcome. The “Born 2 Die” part came from lyrics to some song that i had just heard for the first time.

Juicer Profile: Kenny