how to fall in love with print

How to Fall in Love with Print

As love fills the air this month, you’re hopefully showering your brand with the care and attention it deserves. From the high-level items like acquiring and retaining a certain number of customers per quarter to things that seem low level, such as preparing current business cards for an upcoming networking event, you need to ensure that you’re investing enough to leave a positive, memorable impression upon each encounter.

You may think that items like posters, flyers, and business cards are okay with only economy printing, but by skimping out on these touch-points, you’re missing out on capturing your ideal customer’s attention. That’s why we’re here to give you a few tips to make sure your printed pieces turn out lovely, without necessarily breaking your budget.

use quality paper


Use Quality Paper

The Heartbreaker
You would not want people to think that your business is a wishy-washy one that cuts corners when possible and does not have a firm stance on anything, right? We’re sure that while most of you would agree, some might also be the same ones to use flimsy paper stock or, even worse, plain self-printed office paper for your brand’s printed collateral.

Senses are powerful influences to people, and the main ones invoked while viewing your brand’s pieces are touch and sight , so do not give people a reason to think that your business is the type that would give them a shoddy service.

How to mend it
Give some thought into the kind of paper you’re picking for your business’ next print projects.

If you’re a community-focused entity, try incorporating a light textured paper, like linen with light vertical and horizontal grooves on it (Neenah has some great options). If you’re a more nature-oriented company or want people to know your brand’s ethics, make sure people encounter that with cotton (tree-free) or recyclable paper choices, like white or brown kraft. If you want to kick things up a notch, use colored paper for an instant impression. Just make sure to keep the type and image colors in mind to make sure they’re clear on the final print.

get crafty with cuts


Get Crafty with Cuts

The Heartbreaker
You have an industry trade show coming up soon, and you need something engaging, maybe even interactive, to draw in people and gain some warmer leads. You might do a candy bowl again, but you do not want people to only think of you as that one company you can snag candy from and dip. Erasers and pens are good until they don’t work or work too well that they’re used up and thrown away, and it doesn’t make sense for your brand to have a VR set like the booth attendees flocked to last year.

How do you make something interesting with only print?

How to mend it                                                                                                                                                                                            Give your printed collateral pieces some oomf by using die cuts. Die cuts are specialized cuts that help add shape and depth to your printed work, whether it’s an outline or two or a full-on pattern. From presentation folders with a flap shape related to your business to leave-behinds that are functional as well, such as a handy guide to using your product the most efficient way,

die cuts can help people interact with your brand’s content in a rememberable way.

embrace finishings

Embrace Finishings

The Heartbreaker                                                                                                                                                                                         It’s a shame if you leave people with the feeling of expecting more.

For example, let’s say that you were planning on purchasing a new computer from Apple. You browse through their sleek, future-facing website, complete the intuitive checkout process, and anxiously await your new computer’s arrival. Five to seven days pass, and you have your delivery. Your new computer has arrived…in a plain, unbranded cardboard box with the purchase details on top. Now you’re confused, disappointed, and wondering if you really should’ve spent $1,000+ supporting this business.

When you want to present your brand as a premier option compared to your competitors, you have to make sure that your printed parts also walk that same talk.

How to mend it 
Adorn your printed pieces with a finish or two. Finishes are specialty processes that happen after the initial printing and can take your printed collateral to the next level visually and tactilely . Some finish options include embossing/debossing, foil stamping, and coating.

Embossing leaves an imprint on a surface and adds a raised, 3D element to yourwork; debossing does the same in the opposite direction, depressing the mark. Foil stamping includes the use of a thin metallic foil to add an eye-catching element to an otherwise mundane piece of collateral. Finally, coatings are ones you’re likely to use the most, especially if you don’t need an ‘over-the-top’ finish often. This coating helps protect your printed piece from

external wear-and-tear or unexpected weather ailments and comes in either an economical aqueous (or water-based) form or a more resilient UV edition.

With all our love

We hope that you’ll consider incorporating one of the above techniques for your next batch of printed pieces — your brand will stand out from it and your customers will remember them fondly. If you feel like you need some assistance creating your printed collateral with love, reach out to us, and we’ll make sure to handle your brand with love.