The Logo Design Process

The Logo Design Process

Have you ever wondered why logos cost so much or take so long to create?

There is a lengthy process behind designing a logo for a business. It doesn’t just happen instantly; it takes a lot of research, preliminary sketches, computer roughs, and multiple rounds of refinement.

Here’s an inside look of OUR logo design process:

Step 1. Research


When starting, it’s important for us not to jump on board with one particular idea. A client might think they want something specific, but we need to make sure it fits the idea behind the brand. First, we research the target audience; find out what they are drawn too, what brands they love, and what the client’s brand can offer them. The more we find out about their audience, the easier it will be to design a logo for their target audience.

We also research the competitors. We look for patterns in their logos. Do they all use the same imagery or color palette? We think about what we can use to make the brand stand out from the competition.

Step 2. Sketching

Once we come up with multiple concepts for the logo, it’s time to take it to paper. We sketch as many different possibilities as we can think of. We try the unexpected; you never know what you might come up with as you draw. Our designers sketch pages upon pages of logos before moving onto the computer. This is because we are able to work much faster with a pencil and paper.

Step 3. Vectorize


When we’ve finally chosen some designs to move foreword with, it’s time to take them to the computer. Our designers will bring multiple “roughs” into the computer to work on and tweak, saving every variation and seeing how far we can evolve the design. We also sometimes begin working in black and white at first, to focus on the form itself and not have to worry about color at this stage.

Step 4. Refine


Once we’ve finally settled on a design, it’s time to develop it further. Here, we play around with color and find the right palette appropriate for the brand (read more about this here). We experiment with different typefaces and see what looks best with the mark. Also, it’s important we make sure there is just the right amount of detail in the logo; too much detail will look like clutter when the logo is scaled down.

Step 5. Finalize


Once we explore all options and find the best design solution, we then finalize the logo. It is always interesting to see how the logo has developed from the initial sketches that were done. During this stage we confirm the exact colors and font that will be used, as well as placement of the elements in the logo.


Though this process may seem long and tedious, it is necessary to ensure your logo design is perfect and that it is exactly what you need. The only way to do this is to explore every option and spend time experimenting with various elements. If the right amount of time and research is put into a logo design, the end product will be something truly unique.

To find out how we can assist you in designing a logo for your business:

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